6 Steps To Create A Complete Marketing Strategy For A Contractor Business In 2023

steps create marketing strategy for contractor business

Developing a marketing strategy is crucial to effectively encourage customers, enhance the bottom line of your business, as well as improve the ROI of your efforts. 

A marketing strategy will conform your team to particular goals, enable you to find out and test whatever resonates with your target audience, help you tie your efforts to business goals, as well as strengthen you to emphasize emerging trends. A cohesive marketing strategy is essential to leverage the highest ROI trends for 2023. 

What worked for your marketing strategy in the previous years may not work in 2023. Therefore, in order to excel in the fast-paced marketing universe and not lose relevance with your customers, it is crucial to stay on top of the curve as a contractor. It is an increasingly competitive digital world and your must be a masterful marketer to enjoy long-term success.

To achieve that, these 6 smart steps on how to create a marketing strategy that ensures no stone is ignored are hereby discussed in this article. 

developing marketing plan

1. Develop A Marketing Plan 

Your marketing strategy summarizes why your marketing team will require particular resources, carry out some actions, and set specific goals over the year. Your marketing plan is the precise actions that you will perform in order to achieve that strategy. 

To design your marketing plan, you can make use of helpful marketing plan templates. The suitable template could help you develop a marketing plan which marks out your budget for the year, the creativity your organization needs to deal with, as well as the marketing channels you will use to carry out those initiatives. 

Furthermore, a digital marketing plan will help you tie everything back to your business summary, which will help maintain your alignment with the overarching organization's goals. 

2. Create Client Personas 

If you are unable to define who your audience is in one sentence, at this stage, you should. A buyer persona is a representation of your perfect customer as a contractor company. 

For instance, a store like Bridget's can define a buyer persona as Classy Tracy, who is a stylish working-class lady in her late 20s staying in a suburb and searching to fill her closet up with designer deals at minimum prices. 

Analyzing the description above, Bridget's marketing department can take a snapshot of Classy Tracy and work with a distinct definition in mind. 

Buyer personas have vital demographic and psychographic details, which include age, income, job title, location, challenges, and interests. That is how Tracy has all of those characteristics in her description. 

However, you do not have to build your buyer persona with a biro and a piece of paper. There are platforms that can help you discover, understand, and get to your target audience via artificial intelligence and data. 

Client personas should still be a significant part of creating your marketing strategy. 

3. Discover Your Goals 

Your marketing strategy goals should be a reflection of your business goals. For instance, if one of your business goals is 700 people attending your annual seminar within six months, then as a marketer, your goal should be increasing online registration by 10% by month's end to enable you to stay on track. 

There are other marketing goals that could be to improve brand awareness or create leads of high quality. You may also wish to grow or maintain thought leadership in your business or enhance customer value. 

Irrespective of what your goals are, identify them and know how your marketing industry can work to achieve them in 2023. 

4. Choose The Right Tools 

After you have successfully identified your goals, ensure you have the appropriate tools to measure the attainment of those goals. 

There are online software programs such as social media schedulers that could give you analytics which would help you monitor what your audience likes and what they don't. You may alternatively choose Google Analytics to measure the blog and performance of the web page. 

In addition, you should make your goals SMART. There are tools that can aid in accurately tracking and measuring the success of your marketing goals. 

5. Go Through Your Media 

Know what you already have available in your collection that can help you build your technique. To efficiently organize this process, consider your assets in three groups-owned, paid, and earned media. 

Owned media is known as any of the media your team needs to create, which includes videos, ebooks, pictures, podcasts, infographics, etc 

Paid media is any channel whereby money is spent to draw your target audience. Examples include offline channels such as direct mail, television, and billboard. Examples also include online channels such as search engines, social media, and websites. 

Earned media is another way entirely to say user-created content. Examples are tweets regarding your brand, shares on social media, and pictures posted on Instagram stating your business. 

Gather your resources in all media types and combine them in one place to have a defined vision of your assets and how you can use them to maximize your tactic. That will ultimately help you in creating a better and balanced marketing strategy. 

Moreover, if you realize you have materials that do not fit into your target, remove them. This step allows you to tidy things up and discover gaps in your resources. 

6. Fruition Stage 

At this stage, your market research and planning are expected to help you envision how your strategy will be carried out and the teams that will be involved. This last step involves bringing together all your plans as well as assigning actions to your plans. 

brand strategy

Documentation Of Marketing Plan

You could create a document mapping the steps you need to carry out for your campaign. In fewer words, define your strategy. 

However, consider the long-term when creating the document, as a standard strategy document is not expected to be less than 12 months. This planned guideline should be the home base for your marketing efforts. 

Do not forget that your marketing strategy and marketer tools are peculiar to your business. So, the document should also be. As far as the marketing strategies include the relevant details highlighted earlier, then you are good to go!

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