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Millions of blog posts are published every single day. So how the heck are your posts going to stand out? Blogging for your clients is an incredibly important task. Creating high quality blogs posts can be the difference between a business succeeding and failing. You just need to make sure that you are writing a blog post or multiple blog posts that actually produce real results and a high ROI. 

Blog posts that don’t resonate with readers will get you fired fast. That’s an undeniable fact. Writing posts that generate interest and sales will get you hired and rehired. 

Are you ready to write bold blog posts for big businesses? Blog posts that are read by millions and generate ridiculous revenue for your clients? Read on and learn how to write marketing blog posts that clients will actually enjoy reading. 

Know Your Audience 

To blog effectively for your clients, you first need to understand your audience. Who are they and what questions are they asking? What are their pain points? Find out what your target audience is searching for with tools like Buzzsumo and SEMrushScouring discussions on Reddit and Quora can also give you an idea of what people are interested in. 

Keep buyer personas in mind as well when researching the topics that will appeal you the target audience. Determine how your content will appeal to potential customers or returning customers. 

Cut The Fluff 

Creating filler content is a waste of time. It doesn’t help you, your clients, or their readers. Since at least 2 million blog posts are published daily, only the cream will rise to the top. The rest sinks to the bottom (of Google search results), never to be seen again. The best blog content solves a problem for the reader. It answers a question and provides value through education or entertainment. 

Write For Humans 

Some guest bloggers and ghost-writers focus too much on search engine optimization (SEO) and write posts with Google in mind and not the actual reader. These blog posts come across as robotic or repetitive. 

You need to write for real people if you want to have any chance at keeping their attention or converting them into leads. Keep your content interesting, simple, organized and easy to read. Don’t stuff keywords either, it will backfire on you every time.

Don’t Forget About SEO 

Wait a minute… didn’t we just emphasize writing for humans and not search engines? You should absolutely write for people first and algorithms second. But it would be unwise and impractical to completely forget about SEO best practices

Optimize your content for search engines by including the right title, headings, keywords, meta-descriptions, alt-text, relevant internal links, external links to authoritative content, and compressed images. 

Content that is optimized for Google and other search engines will help to provide recurring organic traffic for your client. Over time it could mean the difference between a couple hundred views and a couple hundred thousand views. That's where professional blogger outreach services comes in handy. 


Involving other industry experts or companies in a blog post or web article can also improve results significantly. By asking for input from the best in the business, your post gains legitimacy. It also provides new and exciting perspectives that you alone can't provide.

Including academic or industry studies will also add some weight to your arguments. By providing peer-reviewed data in your writing, it gives your work real merit. Authentic and accurate content gets results. 

Collaborating also greatly increases the chances that the blog post will garner social shares and backlinks. That's because more people and companies have a vested interest in the article being read and indexed by Google. 

Content That Actually Converts 

Content for the sake of content only does so much. Blog posts can help your client’s website appear in more search engine results. They can also help to strengthen their brand. But none of that really matters in the end if it doesn’t convert visitors into qualified leads or paying customers. 

Include a clear Call-To-Action in each of your blog posts that will bring readers to a lead generation landing page or product sales page. According to Leighton Interactive, the average CTA has a 3.5% click-through rate

That might seem a little low, but those conversions add up. Over time those CTRs can also be improved through A/B testing. Your clients really want one thing: revenue. Help them to generate more revenue and they’ll continue to be satisfied clients. 

Viral Content

A lot of viral content is due to coordinated corporate efforts or just plain luck. But very well-written content that elicits an emotional response always has the potential to go viral. 

Ensure that you include a CTA to share the post or even incentivize sharing. Make sure to include prominent social media share icons in the beginning, end or floating side bar of each post.

Edit & Proofread 

Editing and proofreading each post can be boring and time-consuming. But it should also be a necessity. It makes your work look more professional and saves you possible embarrassment from your client. Google also values well-written content.

In addition to spell check, there are plenty of great free or low cost tools to help ensure your content is high quality:

  • Hemingway Editor to avoid run on sentences
  • Grammarly to improve grammar (obviously)
  • Capitalize My Title to improve title and heading capitalization
  • Copyscape to ensure blog post doesn't have duplicate content
  • Free Broken Link Checker to make sure all links are valid

Bootstrap Business Is Here To Help 

Need some additional help to become a marketing blog rock star? We offer amazing digital marketing articles and SEO strategy posts to make sure your blog content captivates and can easily be found in search engine results. 

With competition so fierce, you’re going to need them. Also check out the best blogger outreach services in the industry!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to write bold blog posts and awesome articles for your business clients.

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