Managing Employee Safety In High Risk Industries

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A recent study found that private industries reported nearly 3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Business owners can take precautions to prevent workplace injuries. Preventative measures include the labeling of dangerous chemicals, wearing protective gears, and maintaining machinery regularly. Other safety precautions include accessible first aid kit and signs restricting new employees to designated areas. 

Protection From Long-Term Hazards 

Employees exposed to hazardous chemicals undergo permanent injuries such as respiratory illnesses and skin irritation. Managers can protect their employees by safely labeling harmful substances, and they must use gas masks. Management should communicate to workers how to handle themselves in confined spaces with limited oxygen. Confined spaces should have exhaust blowers and rescue equipment. Moreover, employees should work in pairs. 

Equip Employees With Proper Training 

It is crucial for employees to undergo regular training on the equipment that they will be using. The training should include how to work the machinery and to know if they are working well. Additionally, machines should get regular upgrades followed by more employee training

Moreover, there should be periodic safety measures such as teaching workers how to respond to burns and other injuries. Furthermore, business employees should become familiar with the symptoms of gas or chemical exposure. Equally important, employees need to know whom to contact in case of emergencies.

First Aid Prominently Displayed 

Management should have a first aid kit in an accessible location. The kit should include at least the following items: 

• Adhesive bandages in various sizes and brands 
• 3 x 3-inch gauze pads 
• 4 x 3-inch gauze pads 
• Gauze 
• Eyeshield or eye pad 
• Adhesive tape 
• Elastic bandage (3-4" wide) for wrapping injuries 
• Triangular bandages for arm slings 
• Cotton-tipped swabs and sterile cotton balls 

Supervisors should train employees how to use the first aid equipment to maximize safety. Plus, one or two people on staff should have knowledge of CPR and confined space rescue in high risk businesses

Restricted Access 

When using dangerous machinery, only well-trained workers should have access to the area. It will limit unnecessary injuries. Use signs and tapes to restrict the location of heavy duty machinery. Equally important, use locked gates and special security passes to prevent unauthorized access. 

Safety Precautions In An Industrial Plant 

Regular Maintenance. One way to avoid injury to employees in an industrial plant is to have machinery inspected (even if they are fail-safe) regularly. Fatalities occur between inspections, so managers need to instruct employees on how to inspect machinery before and after each use. 

• Injuries and Prevention. Workers have the right to a safe working environment. The types of injuries most employees experience range from overexertion, injuries from repetitive movements, and exposure to harmful chemicals. One way to prevent the injuries is to instruct employees how to use machinery without overexerting themselves. Additionally, they should wear masks to shield them from chemical exposure. 

Workplace injuries can cause a lot of damage to a business’s reputation and finances, and create years of work for your human resources department, so make sure to follow these tips to ensure that your business is secure and safe for your hard workers.

I hope you enjoyed this article on managing employee safety in high risk injuries. Keep your workers safe and healthy!

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