How To Develop A Great Voice Search Strategy

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SEO constantly updates, with one of the trends this year being voice search. This puts a whole new perspective to the way we add keywords to our content and strategize for better search engine rankings! As search becomes more ambient and complex, businesses and page owners need to adapt if they want to stay and succeed. 

But because voice search is still being studied and improving, the strategies aren't as clear and popular yet. To stay on top of the game, it's time to start developing plans that will be effective for voice search and SEO in the long run. So read on as I show you how to develop a great voice search strategy! 

How To Develop A Great Voice Search Strategy 

Wondering where to start when creating voice search strategies for better website success and traffic? Here are the top five tips to follow: 

1. Use Structured Data And Go Straight To The Point 

The first tip to prioritize is to use structured data on all the relevant elements of content. This will ensure that search engines can identify and display the information you provide to their results. 

Also, it's important to go straight to the point, as convenience is one of the main keys to voice search usage (and in general, too). Notice that people use voice search when they want to know, do, or go immediately. Because of this, they want answers straight away, so base your content on going straight to the point, answer the question first, then add additional information for better, helpful content. 

2. Develop Your Brand Voice 

When consumers use voice search, they want a clear answer to what they're asking for. Sometimes, it can be a direct exchange with just one answer. However, some queries have more conversational opportunities. 

Many people will start asking more personal questions, such as "what dog should I get?" or "what insurance is right for me?" Because of this, you'll want your brand to have a voice, which is both figuratively and literally speaking! 

Make sure that your content sets the conversational and personalized tone to entice users to visit your website for more information regarding their queries. 

3. Optimize Your Business Listings And Go Local 

Make sure that all your business listings from platforms like Google My Business or help are clean. It should have all the complete and coherent pieces of information, such as your name, address, contact details, and even your store hours if there is one. Billions are lost yearly because of inaccurate listings, so make sure you avoid the loss and provide the correct data for potential customers! 

Furthermore, start also looking into following local SEO, listing your business in local directories and following the right strategies to increase the website's local SEO and customer trust in your brand. 

4. Start New Content Strategies 

There are two new content strategies to focus on this year, which are: 

Focusing On Questions 

Voice search is similar to talking to another person or friend. They don't say keywords but ask complete questions. This is where conversational and long-tail keyword phrases come to life in your content. Start adding such keywords for better chances of being listed on top of search engines 

Providing Answers 

Like mentioned it's best to provide answers first and additional information to your content later. With that being said, it's time to focus on content that answers questions, keeping it updated with new information. 

5. Test Out Your Voice Search Strategies 

Last but not least, test out the strategies you've planned out. Because voice search is still new and has room for improvement, it's best that you test if your strategies work so you know what needs to be changed. 

• You can do this by testing on various devices and voice search assistants like smart speakers, mobile phones, Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri 

• Compare the results generated and where the answers of your query were pulled from 

• Are there single or multiple listings from the devices you tested it on and where are you and our competitors ranking on them? 

Wrapping It Up 

This year, there will be more trends and relationships between SEO, content marketing, and digital expertise. As these connections and trends develop and improve over time, it's time to start strategizing and b on top of the competition. With voice search becoming more popular, learning the ways of planning around it will help you stay on track and grow. 

I hope that these tips on how to develop a great voice search strategy gave you an idea on what to do today. So don't wait any longer and start implementing these tips or hiring Toowoomba Professional Services for better success! 

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on improving your voice search strategy, then comment below, Your thoughts are much appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to develop a great voice search strategy to help you rank well in audio inquiries.

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