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Search engine optimization isn’t just about making sure that your website and content aren’t as Google-friendly as possible. It’s also about making sure that it stands out when it ranks, so you’re much more likely to get the clicks and conversions your business needs. To do that, you need to be specific in how you target and use it. Here are a few ways of narrowing down your sights to make your SEO efforts more fruitful.

Your Market 

Who, exactly, are you trying to drive to your website? With that in mind, you might need to make some changes to your SEO strategy. If you’re in retail, hospitality, or restaurants, the local appeal is important. Using local SEO, alongside regional keywords, can make sure that your business is one of the first to stand out to customers in your area. If you don’t have Google listings or your location featured in your content, it can be hard for local customers to notice your business online. 

Your Industry 

When it comes to choosing the strategies most effective in reaching your customers and helping your brand stand out, a little industry experience makes a huge difference. There are SEO consultants for a wide range of industries, with Marijuana SEO or CBD SEM showing examples of how quickly experts are adapting to some of the fastest-emerging markets. 

There’s still a good degree of learning and communication to establish an understanding of your business, specifically, but if you work with those who know your industry, you already have a shared frame of reference to build on. A cannabis dispensary SEO firm like https://mjseo.agency/ can make a big difference in ranking your website and growing organic traffic daily.

Your Keywords 

Despite the bad rep of keyword spam and other black and grey hat tactics, keywords still play a huge role in SEO. Beyond using those most obvious, it’s also important you find keywords you can rank easily on. With tools like Keyword Revealer, you can do just that kind of research. From there, you also need to find the terms that customers are most likely to use when searching for your services or information that is relevant to your business. Long-tail keywords tend to be easier to rank on and more effective, since a lot of search users type in long-form questions when making searches, these days. 

Your Leads 

Once you’ve got them on the hook, it’s all about reeling them in. As your SEO strategy goes on, you’re going to find that some keywords and tactics are more effective at driving clicks, while others are more likely to lead to conversions. You can only capitalize on this information with the help of conversion analytics tools from teams like Opt-In Monster. Once you see what’s working, you continue to build and expand on that to optimize the conversation rate related to those particular keywords, or emulate that approach in less successful strategies. 

SEO Like A Pro

Targeted SEO means knowing your market, working with firms that know your industry, finding keywords that you can use to rank easily, and following the leads. Specifying your SEO makes it a lot easier to stand out to those customers most relevant to your business’s success.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about why specificity is the best tool for improving your business SEO on Google search.

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