5 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Company Network Management

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Managing your business IT network can be difficult. It takes expertise and regular training to keep on top of emerging IT issues, particularly in network security. Many companies are utilizing outsourcing solutions for their IT networks and are seeing significant savings doing this. As one advice column in the Wall Street Journal suggested, companies should focus on what they do best. 

That is an important startup lesson or basic business advice: play to your strengths while avoiding distractions and unnecessary liabilities. So here are 5 ways that you can get help with your network without breaking the bank. 

1. Managed Upgrades 

The bane of any employee tasked with managing IT is handling upgrades. Even a small office with several computers can steal hours and hours of work time trying to handle upgrades from one OS to another. A digital network professional has the tools to handle all of the upgrades at once and can expedite these upgrades. 

2. Managed Network Support 

Handling networking issues on the desktop can be difficult. Network connectivity issues can shut down your business. Having a support team behind your business means that you don’t have to spend money on an employee and your users will get superior desktop support so you can concentrate on your core business. Don't get bogged down by your business technology! This is what managed support can provide. According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, this is one of the top benefits of managed network services. 

3. Emergency Network Services 

Imagine a virus has just taken down your network. Network resources, like your shared drive, are not available. What can you do? If you’ve got a savvy network professional that you can get quickly on the phone, then you can get back up quickly. They can help resolve the issues, possibly even over the phone. If they need to send a technician out then they can resolve the issue in person. You'll want to search for a local managed network support provider like Ottawa Network Support that can provide your business with local services when emergencies strike. 

4. Proactive Network Security 

While emergencies do come up with any network, if you practice proactive network security then many of the issues can be stopped before they start. A knowledgeable network support company knows the threats against networks and can help your business prepare a proactive network security policy that can reduce your network downtime and minimize your IT spending. 

5. Network Consulting 

Most companies are not spending their IT network budgets in the right areas. They are overspending in some areas and under-spending in others. This non-optimized spending is very wasteful. 

Network support experts can analyze your current spending and help you align it better with your goals so you don’t spend it on areas where you don’t need to. 

Instead of breaking your bank, it’s clear that managed network support can actually help increase your cash flow and lower IT expenses. Instead of taking staff time away from their work, you can now focus on what your business does best.

I hope you enjoyed this article on affordable ways to improve your company's IT network management without breaking the bank. 

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