5 Tips To Keep Employees Safe Online

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With the recent uptick in data breaches at major companies and government organizations, cyber security should a focal point of training for every company. The following 5 tips will help keep your employees safe online while using company email and while working on a computer at the office. 

Watch Out for Phishing Emails 

Phishing occurs when a malicious individual sends out a fake email pretending to be a real company asking someone to login. When a person enters their information thinking that they're logging in to their account, sensitive information is automatically compromised. These types of emails are normally used to gather personal information, like social security numbers, full names, addresses, credit card numbers and more. Your employees need to be aware of this threat, and need to dispose of such emails immediately. 

Require Strong Passwords 

The vast majority of consumers use the same password for every account they own, including those at work. This can be cause for disaster. When a hacker discovers the password for one account, they'll move on and try the same password for the victim's other accounts. Make sure your employees use different passwords for each account they have at work, and require them to change the password at least three times per year. 

Provide Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures 

Like every other aspect of your business, an SOP (standard operating procedure) is essential to maximize safety of your employees online. One of the top reasons for security awareness training is lack of discipline, and a manual can help. Similar to other manuals, you'll want to gather information on every important online security issue you see at work. From passwords to information sharing, browsing habits and more, create a section in the manual for each one and outline specific rules that govern the online behavior of your employees. 

Always Use Firewalls 

Firewalls are important because they keep malicious users out of your system. If you run a small business with minimal employees, activate the standard firewall on every computer in your office. You'll want to install a more comprehensive solution if you rent a large office and have at least 20 computers running on the same network. Once a solution is in place, run a security check on the firewall at least once a week. 

Protect Social Media 

Employees can be tricked into sharing personal information on social media sites. Monitor and protect your social media sites at all times, and restrict access to them at the office unless it's absolutely necessary that they do so. 

Hackers have proven themselves to be relentless in their goal of stealing information and selling it to a third party. Always stay vigilant and protect your employees online with a comprehensive cyber security plan.

I hope you enjoyed this article on some tips to keep your employees safe online! 

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Best Of Luck In Business To You All!

Employee Online Safety Digital Media Social Data Security Firewall Virus Protection

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