Tips On Making Your Startup A Tight Fit

Do you know your employees? I mean, really know them? While everyone knows the intrinsic value of their employees to a business, it doesn’t mean that employers and bosses take the time out to get to know them in a personal sense. Many startup companies are tightly-knit, and with a core staff of 20 or less, it is these types of businesses that thrive under a cohesive working unit. If you're not in the know when it comes to your employees, it’s time to do so. What benefits are there to a tight unit? 

A Healthy Work Culture 

The problem with conflict is that it leads to lack of communication, stress, and this impacts on results being delivered. Some businesses still seem to adopt the old method of segregation and the approach of getting your head down and doing work. But this method doesn’t work now, and it reminds people of when they were in school. A bad working culture will prompt people to jump ship as soon as they can. How can you help? Connect, it’s that simple. It starts with you, and if you extend the olive branch and instigate conversation, it will relax your employees more. Even if you promote this aspect during the recruitment process, it’s going to appeal to prospective employees. A healthy work culture will be the big draw for a lot of job hunters. 

Pay Them What They Deserve 

While the pay isn’t the be-all and end-all of a satisfied employee, it really is a contributory factor to whether they will want to stay in the role. If you offer employee perks and benefits but pay a low wage, they will still worry about their finances. A viable option for this is to assess if you are actually paying them a decent wage for what their role entails. You can do this by using salary benchmarking services to get a better idea. If they aren’t being paid enough for their duties, you are better off raising their wage slightly to keep them happier. If they don’t stress about money, then you will get better work out of them.  

Make The Environment Enjoyable 

It’s very simple, if workers enjoy coming to work, they will feel relaxed, so they will get along with everyone, communicate more effectively, and work better. How can we do this? By making it a place that they will actually want to come to in the mornings. 

You can over-egg the pudding in this respect if you decide to make your office a swirl of color and promote the party atmosphere, but you spend a third of your life working, so why wouldn’t you want to make it a nice place to be? Open the window, put the radio on, or make sure you are reiterating the fact that you want people to be happy above everything else. Yes, you have a business to run, but your workers need to be productive so the business can reap the rewards. Happy workers are productive workers.

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