10 Tips to Get Your Daily Coffee Fix While Saving Money

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Whether you are having coffee to get through your studies or job or you are just in need of some caffeine, we all know that coffee addiction is real. In America alone, coffee is a $30 billion industry, and it is estimated that Americans take over 400 million cups of coffee per day.

That is a whole lot of coffee, and if you buy a cup of coffee, daily then you know that you spend too much money on your cups of creamy caffeine addiction.

Coffee Tips to Apply While Saving Money

Do you want to get your daily dose of coffee while saving money at the same time but do not know how to go about that? Here are 10 tips to help you reduce that coffee bill.

1. Brew Your Own Coffee

Brewing your own coffee can turn out to be your favorite activity of the day once you try it. People who have made this a habit attest to the fact that the smell of the beans, while they are at it, gives them an awesome feeling. It is exciting when you mix up your cup of coffee exactly the way you like it.

If you do not have a coffee machine, you can get one for about $20. Coffee beans, on the other hand, are readily available, and you will get your flavored syrups for about $5 per bottle.

2. Reuse Those Coffee Grounds

Do not just reuse your coffee as a deodorizer in the refrigerator, or as a garden additive. Make more coffee using the same coffee grounds, mixing it with some fresh one and you will find that your taste buds will not even realize the difference. You will save almost 50% if you embrace this trick.

3. Loyalty or Rewards Membership

This is one of the obvious tips for all consumers who want to save some bucks. As basic and obvious as it may be, it deserves emphasis. Some coffee shops like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Caribou Coffer give their coffee drinkers an opportunity to be part of rewards programs.

The loyalty or rewards program will help you save money and stand a chance to win free drinks throughout the year. Starbucks reward program just got better and you do not want to be left out.

4. Buy Gift Cards

It is obvious that many people do not use their gift cards for special events like Christmas, and birthdays. People sell their gift cards to willing buyers and some of them are cards for coffee outlets such as Starbucks.

You should make it a point to check out online sites like eBay and Craigslist, and you will find yourself some “used” gift cards. The best part is that you will buy the cards at discount prices.

5. Search for Online Deals

The internet is our number one friend, so whenever you go online to search for coffee try searching for “free coffee samples” and you will find many freebies. You can also choose to search for websites that allow coffee membership, and once you sign up you might get samples before becoming an official member. Such websites offer the best coffee.

6. Order a Smaller Cup of Coffee

Do not give up your favorite drink when you can order a smaller size. This way you can still get your caffeine while saving some money. Make that local coffee shop your go-to place, and watch how your daily small savings will add up in a month’s time without you having to skip your daily dose of coffee.

Additionally, coffee shops like Starbucks offer limited small cup alternatives for their best-seller during the summer. Take advantage of such offers, and if you find that the price change does not help you save enough, consider splitting the bill with someone and sharing a cup.

7. Bring Your Own Coffee Mug

As a loyal coffee drinker, you know by now that local shops and chains such as Starbucks reward their drinkers with a little discount on coffee whenever the drinkers walk in with their own mug. You will save around $0.10, and if you make it a habit to bring your own mug for one month you will have saved up a few dollars.

Apart from helping yourself save money, you will also be helping the environment since you will be avoiding waste.

8. Take Instant Coffee Alternatives

At Starbucks for instance, a Grande costs more than a Misto. A Misto drink might not taste the same as a Grande drink, but the difference is not too big. If you do not like Misto, you do not have to worry because you can decide to go with an Americano, which will provide you with more flavors, because of the espresso and hot water.

It will not be as cheap as regular coffee, but it will definitely cost less than a latte. You will be able to take your daily cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

9. Flavor Your Coffee for Free

Are you obsessed with coffee flavors, the spices, and additives? There are hundreds of choices for you out here. There are different types of sugars, coffee beans, creamers, and even syrups all made to suit your taste buds.

Did you know that most of these are free in the barista area at your favorite local coffee outlet? Yes, they are. You should also try infusing your coffee with vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, and experiment with more flavors.

10. Become a Coffee Club Member

Coffee clubs are growing popular by the day and you can get access to your favorite coffee grounds and flavors for about $20 per month. That is a sweet deal and it will allow you to save money without having to sacrifice your daily cup of coffee. You will also get to enjoy quality coffee since the grounds and flavorings come from all over the world. Get to test out different flavors and styles of coffee any day.

If you are in the market of coffee delivery or you have a coffee service business, read on and get help on where to find the perfect service. Office Coffee Service HQ will help you find the right coffee solution, which will, in turn, keep your team happy and caffeinated.

Keep Enjoying That Coffee While Saving Money

You now know that saving money while still enjoying your daily cup of coffee is not rocket science. Embrace the cost-cutting caffeine consumption tips you feel will work best for you and you will be smiling all the way to the bank to collect your savings, which you can use in so many ways.

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