Things You Can Do To Promote A New Drink In Your Coffee Shop

how to promote new drink coffee shop cafe sales

Introducing a new drink to your coffee shop menu can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, you cannot tell how your customer will receive this new product. Of course, you can always promote it in a way such that they will be at least looking forward to it. 

In this article, we will discuss a few simple things that you can do to promote a new drink in your coffee shop. 

Teaser Posts On Social Media 

The case with most new products these days is that there needs to be a certain hype around them. This hype needs to exist even before the product has been fully launched. It is a scenario that is more common in the case of products marketed towards much younger demography. You should generate a similar type of hype for your new drink. Use your shop or cafe’s Facebook and Instagram profiles to do so. Keep your customers guessing as to what you are up to. Start the buzz at least a week before the launch, and try to get people to engage with these posts. That way, you will have started promoting the product even before its release. 

Eye-Catching Visual Marketing 

One of the most crucial rules in social media advertising is that the visuals must be attention-grabbing. If you cannot create eye-catching visuals, people will not even bother to go through your posts. Besides, if you follow other cafes or coffee shops, you will see how they try to promote entire stories or lifestyles through their posts. Hence, to compete with them and promote your newest drink, you too will have to create aesthetic visuals and use them to connect with your target customers. 

While launching your new drink, the focus of your posts should be entirely on this new product. Anything else that is around it will merely be there to complement it. Avoid promoting it by simply saying why your customers will like the product. Instead, present it in the form of a story. Your customers already know that it is a type of drink. Hence, they are aware of how to drink and what it might contain. What you should do is show them how they might consume it or with whom and where. 

It is all about promoting a certain style and aesthetic. That is what most people following you on social media would prefer over traditional marketing campaigns. 

POP Marketing 

POP (Point of Purchase) marketing is a way to communicate a marketing message or advertisement to your customer at the very point where they can make a purchase decision. You can notify your customer of the newest drink by simply placing a point of purchase signage in front of the counter or entrance of the shop. 

You can also place these point of purchase displays at each table in your shop. If the coffee shop is housed inside a store, these signs can be placed in different aisles of the store. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a great way to promote products these days. If you want your product to reach a particular demographic, you should work with a few influencers. For your new drink, you should consider working with a food and lifestyle blogger. Their audience is who you want to advertise to, and hence, you should have them promote your product and brand through their social media accounts. 

Asking Your Baristas To Introduce The Drink 

There will always be a few customers who are oblivious to their surroundings. No matter how many ads you put in front of them, they will always manage to turn a blind eye to them. This could happen to your ad campaigns as well. They might be your regular customers, but perhaps they have not yet taken notice of your new product. So how do you reach out to them? 

The easiest way to approach these customers is through your coffee shop baristas. People are often confused as to what they want while standing in front of the shop’s counter. If such a situation were to occur, your baristas should do their best to promote your new drink. They could even present a quick comparison of the new drink to some of the older ones and why the customers will like it. This is arguably the easiest way to get the message through to your customers. 

Once you are done with all your marketing campaigns, you just have to wait and see how your customers perceive your product. Because at the end of the day, if you cannot deliver quality products or services, no amount of marketing can save you from losing face to your customers.

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