4 Ways To Use Google To Increase Offline Sales For A Local Business In 2021

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It is crucial for local businesses to remember that Google is more than just a search engine that presents links on it is our pages. That is why Google also published a precise guide that can help local businesses drive more local searches towards their storefront to increase sales. 

It allows business leaders and digital marketers to understand the ways that potential customers may use to find local businesses. They can use this understanding to create strategies and drive sales. In fact, Google stated that several types of searches that seen exponential growth for local retail. The ones showing the most prominent increases are as follows: 

• Searches involving consumers looking for local businesses 

• Searches where users are searching for local businesses that offer a particular product or service 

• Searchers looking for local restaurants 

According to Google, searches like “local businesses near me” and “support local businesses” have increased by almost 80% last year. The statistics also revealed that searches for products in stock have increased by almost 8000% year over. 

We also got some additional information from experts at Be Media on how to use Google to increase sales for local businesses. Be Media is a leading SEO company in Perth that helps its clients formulate digital marketing strategies to align company objectives. Here is what we learned from our contacts at the company. 

Local Business Searches 

The SEO experts we spoke to stated that consumers use Google search as well as Google Ads while looking for relevant information before purchasing a product. Therefore, local businesses can use Google advertising to gain the upper hand over their competitors. 

According to the experts, two out of three consumers use search engines to find information on local businesses during the pandemic. Almost 57% of consumers looking for local restaurants found the necessary information in Google ads. 

YouTube Videos 

Local businesses often fail to consider YouTube as means to drive their sales. But they should know that Google suggests YouTube videos in relation to search queries used by people. Google also shows videos and specific contexts that could provide additional information to users who may want to learn more about a particular product or service. 

According to Google, 45% of consumers disclosed that they watch YouTube videos before purchasing a product. The consumers also revealed that they are twice as likely to purchase a product or service they saw on YouTube at a local store or online versus the competitive average. 

Google Maps 

Just like YouTube, business owners also do not think of Google Maps to be part of the search engine. But they should be aware that more and more consumers have started using Google Maps to look for local businesses providing specific services. 

Therefore, local businesses must claim a free Google My Business account and keep it updated to optimize their Google Maps listings. Local business owners should also realize that the search engine on Google Maps offers a highly targeted context for them. 

It has been noticed that people are searching more for “contactless delivery” and “curbside pickup” since the beginning of the pandemic. There also has been an exponential growth in Google Maps searches for “discounts” over the last year. 


Businesses can also get more local non-advertising search traffic to increase their offline sales. But first, they need to create an online storefront. Thereafter, they can utilize it along with their Google My Business account to highlight their business on local Google searches on Google maps. That way, they can optimize their referrals from Google as well. 

It has been noticed that companies that add images to their Google My Business profiles receive more Google Maps direction requests and higher click-through rates. There are some key aspects about pictures that enables them to engage users and drive revenues, such as: 

• Research has shown that images can be emotionally engaging and can influence a viewer’s decision positively or negatively. Business leaders and digital marketers should try to enhance the marketing message through the images they use. 

• Images can provide a lot of vital information like texts. But they can also reduce reading fatigue for most users. Pictures can also break the monotony of an article by stimulating user engagement. 

• Visual information is always easier to remember. Pictures can have a lasting impact on potential consumers than texts because people tend to remember visual information for a longer time. 

• Graphs can concisely communicate a lot of information. Businesses can use graphs to get a marketing message across to potential clients in a powerful way. 

• People tend to trust businesses that have posted images on the Internet, as they built trust. Local businesses can use images of their storefront or their products to attract potential customers and increase sales. 

Grow With Google

Google encourages business owners to utilize the opportunities they provide to market their local business. Small businesses can use these methods to increase offline traffic and earn more revenue without worrying too much about ranking higher on search engines.

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