What Is A Virtual Phone Number And What Are Their Benefits

what is a virtual phone number benefits voip telephone

Businesses today are always looking for the next best thing to help improve their customer retention, employee communication, goal achievement, and accountability. When researching the best tactics and systems to utilize to improve your company, many owners and management staff may not immediately think of this choice - a phone system. 

Staying in touch with people around the world is something we take for granted nowadays. However, it wasn’t too long ago when businesses had to communicate via email or landlines, reducing productivity, efficiency, and versatility. Fortunately, strides have been made in the communication industry, helping us stay connected any time of the day. 

What Is A Virtual Phone Number? 

A virtual phone line, also known as direct inward dialing (DID), is a phone number that allows the user to route and redirect calls between various numbers and IP addresses. Instead of being physically tied to one landline or one device, like a home phone or traditional cell phone, a virtual phone number offers flexibility and versatility. 

A virtual phone number only relies on the internet and data connection instead of a phone company to remain connected with your colleagues and customers. This connectivity allows users to be reached by phone, computer, or another internet-cable device. 

Luckily for budget business owners or new entrepreneurs, a virtual phone number can be inexpensive to purchase when compared to other electronic operating systems for companies. You can add a virtual phone number of your business’s existing Voice over Internet Protocol system for between $5 and $10 per month per number. 

Benefits Of A Virtual Phone Number 

Productive While On-The-Go 

Gone are the days of missing phone calls since you are out to lunch or left the office early to go to your son’s baseball game. Today in the modern world, you can stay connected while on the move with smartphones, the Gmail app, and Zoom, letting you get in touch with anyone at any time. 

But what happens if you forget your cell phone at the office? No worries with a virtual phone number - with a virtual phone number, you can work anywhere. There is no need to wait at your desk, purchase a new cell phone, or sit at your desktop computer. Calls are instantly routed to your mobile phone or any device that has an Internet connection. 

Easily Redirect Calls 

Call screening and the ability to redirect calls prevent you from being overworked and stressed while trying to complete your workload. Simply answer your virtual phone number and choose one of the screening prompts to direct the call to a different location, usually deciding between ‘answer the call,’ ‘send the caller to voicemail,’ or ‘hear the caller’s phone number.’ 

Suppose you receive an important call on your virtual phone number. In that case, you can use a seamless system that provides quick call transfers to ensure critical conversations don’t have to wait and maintain good relations with clients and customers. 

Professional Appearances Are Key 

When first starting a business, things can be a bit messy, unorganized, and chaotic. Businesses that are just beginning can sometimes have unperfected methods and seamless communication - and a virtual phone number is a great way to add some organization into your hectic life. 

When working out of non-traditional office spaces, whether it be a virtual office or a home office, a virtual phone number gives the illusion - and appearance - of professionalism when dealing with potential partners, employees, and clients. 

A virtual phone number gives you access to toll-free numbers, local numbers, and unique phone numbers of your choice, allowing you to create a customizable main greeting and customize a name directory for your business. 

Adapt With Your Business 

As your business grows in prowess and connections around the globe, your phone system should too. To keep up to date with communication and remain in touch with customers in different parts of the world, you need to establish a virtual phone number to stay connected. 

Enhanced Customer Service 

Customer service is the business sector that retains clients and establishes your target market to direct marketing strategies. Business revenue relies on employee productivity and customer service - fortunately for you, a virtual phone number lets employees work anywhere, anytime, since they always are accessible and reachable. 

Maximize Cost Benefits 

Arguably, the best feature of using a virtual phone number is efficiently utilizing two of a company’s most important resources - time and money. With a virtual phone number, everything you need is in one place, letting you organize your data, connections, and conversations in the overarching cloud. 

Multiple Phone Numbers At One Price 

Establishing a virtual phone number for business lets you enjoy using multiple numbers with the price of only one connection. When you use a virtual phone number, you have plenty of versatility and availability to allocate each number to a specific section of the business. By doing so, you can organize communication and streamline the ability to talk with your employees. 

Contains Plenty Of Features 

A virtual phone number for your business contains a list of exclusive features. Some of these DID telephone features are adding or reducing numbers, customizing your voicemail, forwarding your calls to any location, and customizing your phone number by connecting with your service provider. 

Unlike a traditional phone system, a virtual phone number enhances your company’s overall appeal and appearance to the general public due to the features list. 

Set Up Is Extremely Fast 

The last benefit of using a virtual phone number is the ease of use and efficiency when setting up and using the number. Unlike a landline system, a virtual number can easily be installed using VoIP

Virtual Phone Number Conclusion 

Since a virtual phone number can be reachable using any device with an internet connection, employees, employers, management staff, and clients can remain connected virtually anywhere in the world. By providing businesses with flexibility, cost benefits, better customer service, professional appearances, and productivity while on the go, a virtual phone number is a smart decision for your business.

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