Hire An Attorney For Domestic Violence

hire attorney domestic violence charge

The violence of any kind is dangerous but when it comes to domestic threats, it becomes a little difficult to pursue justice for it mentally because as the word “domestic” suggests- it is when it is happening within our habitat. Domestic violence is a kind of violence that happens mentally, physically, or sexually to a person. It occurs within the boundaries of one’s house; between spouses or partners. In order words of the law, “domestic violence is any forcible restriction of someone’s freedom and privacy, which is carried out amongst the individuals who have or have had kinship ties, dwell, family, or cohabitation in the same house. 

Who Can Help Out? 

There are numerous Seattle domestic violence attorney who can guide someone in distress. It is very difficult when someone is a victim of such abuse- all they need is someone who will stand strong to represent the case. 

How a Seattle domestic violence attorney will help: 

● There will be no judgment from their end as they will listen to one’s grievances with an open mind and heart 

● The instincts will be trusted in case one feels it is unsafe for them to leave the service 

● They will offer full support service information on restraining orders, shelters, financial support, emotional support, compensations, etc. 

● They will make the victim comfortable and give the freedom to speak about their injuries 

● They will act as the victim’s physical barrier in the fight towards the violence faced 

● The lawyer's behavior will be very polite and professional

● A safe space will be created so that one can share their story and fight for it. 

The Legal Proceedings: 

I: Arrest 

A report is filed or a call is made to 911 in case of emergencies. The abuser will be arrested and taken into custody. 

II: Arraignment 

The case is taken into court and an initial reading is held in presence of a judge where the defendant is read the criminal charges against them. The accused is supposed to enter into a plea of guilty or not guilty after it. 

III: Pleading 

If pleaded not guilty, court dates are set for a pre-trial. This is where case facts, any injuries, the victim’s history, the criminal record of the defendant, and other factors are considered and gained knowledge about for the case to be built. 

IV: Gathering Of Proofs 

The lawyers on both sides are provided with facts respectively by their clients and a cross-check is panned out on the same information provided. 

V: Jury 

A jury hearing takes place where the pleading of the defendant is proven to be false or true accordingly. Witnesses are called to testify, the court is presented with facts and evidence, testimony is given, etc. 

VI: Penalties 

The defendant is then subjected to various penalties like jail time, domestic violence counseling, various fees, insurances, probation, and fines. 

A Seattle domestic violence attorney will make everything easy for someone who has faced domestic violence during these proceedings and provide full support.

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