How To Start Selling Candles From Home - Candle Startup Business Guide

how to start selling candles from home candle startup business

For thousands of years candles have illuminated the darkness while soothing our stresses away.

Chances are you have some candles decorating your home. Or you may enjoy making candles.

But what if you could turn that passion for candle-making and selling into a lucrative career? With estimated annual sales of candles reaching over $4 billion worldwide, now is the time to set up your online candle shop business or candles retail store.

Keep reading to learn valuable tips on selling candles from home as a successful startup business.

Learn Your Candle Craft

If you've never made candles before it is important to learn the process before selling them. You can research how to make them through reading articles or watching videos.

Decide what type of candles you want to manufacture. There are a variety of candle products out there. It is up to you to decide if you want paraffin, soy, or wax candles. Not to mention the color, shapes, and sizes can vary. Will they be scented or not?

All of these questions should be answered as you go through the preliminary steps of learning your craft.

Learn How To Make Your Candles

So you want to start a candle business. Well, you should have already gathered your materials and practiced creating them. Becoming aware of the candle-making production process helps you produce a better quality candle. Acquiring the right candle-making supplies is easy thanks to online shopping and overseas suppliers.

Once you're confident your candles will sell to your target market, it's time to research the laws in your state for creating a legitimate business.

Learn The Laws In Your State And Country For Selling Candles

When it comes to businesses, each state and municipality has its own rules for how they should be founded and run. Things to learn about selling candles from home include:

  • Do you need a license or permit?
  • What is the application process?
  • Are there fees?
  • Do you need to be paid?
  • Will you open a business banking account?

After paperwork completion, you can decide where you want your business located.

You may find it cost-effective to start your candle-making business off in a smaller setting.

If your state, town, and landlord don't object then it's safe to start selling candles from home.

Selling Candles From Home

Starting a candle making business from home is a fun and inexpensive way to become an entrepreneur. There is a huge market for candles. Whether you are selling soy, aromatherapy, or decorative candles, buyers will find you.

When setting up your candle business from home be sure:

  • Your products are good quality
  • To develop a business plan
  • The candles are priced to sell
  • They have a unique look to promote your "brand"
  • To include instructions, warning label, and fire safety information on your items with online labels

Once your candles are ready to go you can create a website yourself or hire a website designer. Uploading high-resolution pictures of your candle inventory will persuade customers to buy your items.

Don't forget to advertise your candle products on social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest. TikTok is another medium that could help you slay in the candle selling business. Be sure to post pictures of your candles there too, as people will notice beautiful, glowing candles in their social media newsfeed.

Be Distinctive Selling Your Candles

Establishing your product line is important as there is competition in this market. However, you don't have to feel stressed about the other candle businesses out there. Just remember all businesses take time to grow. Exploring different scents in making your soy wax candles can help you sell more products.

There is plenty of room out there for your products. In fact, you may decide to diversify by offering other items like signature soaps or lotions. Some companies are offering candle-making parties to boost sales and host an interactive experience.

Start Selling Candles Successfully

Whatever you decide to offer your customers just go with the flow. Choosing to start selling candles from home may be scary at first, but it gives you so much in return.

Being your own boss, creating your own schedule, and more time with family or friends are merely some of the benefits you gave yourself by starting a candle business from home. 

You can even name a line of branded candles after your children or pets. Or design a custom label with your favorite colors. So go ahead and get started building the candle business empire you've always wanted.

Candle Company Conclusion

Selling candles is a great business opportunity and it helps to learn more about startups to be successful. For more information on how  to succeed selling candles from home, click here to learn more tips on succeeding as a bootstrapping businessman. 

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