7 Awesome Generators To Brainstorm Business Name Ideas

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Starting your own business can be extremely rewarding, but doing so requires careful planning. From the design, products and employees, there are many things to consider. 

Somewhere near the top of your startup to-do list should be business name ideas and figuring out what type of direction you want your new company to take. Because there are so many options, Namify has put together numerous awesome generators to brainstorm business names. 

1. Travel Agency Name Generator 

If you love to travel or help others explore the globe, then opening a travel agency can be a solid idea for starting a business. With all of the different destinations in the world, however, how do you even begin picking a name? Luckily, Namify offers a super helpful generator that focuses specifically on the travel industry. 

2. Food Business Name Generator 

The food and beverage industry is another one that can be rewarding. With that said, there are already millions of restaurant names out there. If you need help with business name brainstorming for something that is unique, there is a food business name generator for that as well. 

3. Store Name Generator 

Have you ever walked around a mall or drove through a shopping center and noticed all of the different business names that surround you? When you think about stores, what names come to mind? Often, it comes down to the products that a store sells, but others stand out in different ways. For some catchy ideas to boost your creativity, try Namify's store name generator. 

4. Cleaning Company Name Generator 

Are you good at cleaning up other people's messes? If so, then a cleaning company may be right up your alley. With the cleaning company name generator, you can choose among 25 unique and creative naming ideas that will catch customers' attention while making them think about the services that you offer. 

5. Restaurant Name Generator 

What is the name of your favorite restaurant? For food businesses, naming possibilities can be seemingly endless. With that said, restaurant environments usually offer a broad range of opportunities for thinking of fun and appealing ideas. Whether you base it on an entrĂ©e, a location theme or something else, you have many options and the restaurant name generator can help. 

6. Clothing Brand Name Generator 

If you are starting a clothing brand, the name definitely matters if you want people to recognize your designs. However, there is enormous competition for unique company names. For those who do not want to settle for choosing their own name for uniqueness purposes, using the clothing brand name generator can be helpful. 

7. Candle Company Name Generator 

For anyone who appreciates calm settings and lovely smells, a candle business startup is another potential way to start bringing in some cash with an entrepreneurial pursuit. While less common than clothing stores or restaurants, Namify still recognizes the potential of this industry, and that is why there is also the candle company name generator to try. 


When you are busy planning your business, take some of the weight off your plate by using a company name generator to help you brainstorm. This list is just a sample of Namify's offerings to help name new companies or brands. Try them out for yourself to help with the business naming process!

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