How To Choose The Perfect Business Name

how to choose perfect business name

Having a unique, memorable and descriptive name for your business can make all the difference when it comes to acquiring customers and establishing your brand. But with tons of options it can be hard to decide on the perfect name for your business. It is important to put time into researching, brainstorming and refining your name. 

Here are the 11 most effective tips to help you select the perfect business name. 

1. Know Your Brand 

Creating your identity begins with knowing your product or service. Think about what you are offering consumers, the scope of your business and the atmosphere you want to create. Having a clear understanding of your business will help narrow down potential names. 

2. Brainstorm With An Online Tool 

Utilize online tools such as name generators, business name analysts, and brainstorming boards to help come up with both creative and practical business name ideas. Check out Name Fatso for all the help you need. 

3. Consider Affixes And Neologisms 

Adding suffixes to the beginning or end of words (or both!) can help you create simple, catchy and memorable names for your business. Or you could take inspiration from neologisms, which are words created from combining two existing words. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Give Priority To Abstract Concepts 

When brainstorming, consider abstract concepts as words and phrases that can describe your company values and philosophy. 

Abstract, meaningful names such as Apple and Microsoft are highly memorable, encouraging potential customers to learn more about your brand. 

5. Don’t Make It too Complex 

Your business name should be easy to spell, read, pronounce and remember. It should be short, sweet and succinct. 

Make sure to avoid complicated words, double-entendres, puns or hidden meanings as customers may not be able to connect the dots and your message may be lost. 

6. Make It Unique 

Run a search to double check that your business name is available, not taken and not in violation of any trademark or copyright laws. Take some time to look into competitor’s names and do your best to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

7. Consider Your Target Audience 

Understanding your target market can help you create a name that resonates. Assess your target demographic, the geographical location and any cultural nuances. Consider how your name might sound or be interpreted by customers in the language of their country. 

8. Test It Out 

Looking at your business name from various perspectives can reveal areas of room for improvement. Test your name with friends, family and colleagues to determine if they felt the same way as you did. 

9. Monitor Your Domains 

Purchase domains associated with your name right away. It’s important to own more than just a .com domain and having different options is just good digital brand strategy. Purchase any variations of your name that you can think of to avoid counterfeits and defamation. 

10. Invest In A Logo 

A logo communicates a company’s identity, mission and concept in one graphic. Selecting a font and colors connected to your identity will help customers to instantly recognize and connect with your brand. 

11. Research Keywords 

Researching keyword phrases can help spark creativity when brainstorming for a business name and can also help you later when it comes to your search engine optimization. Try to incorporate keywords in your business name as much as possible to ensure potential customers can find you. 


These tips will help you create a unique business name that reflects the core values and purpose of your business. Naming a business can be a daunting and overwhelming process, but the right name can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing and branding strategies. Put in the effort and thought early on, and it will pay off in the long run.

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