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Your website’s domain name is its address on the Internet. It’s what people have to type into their browser to find your site. If you’re planning to get a website for your business, one of the first things you need to do is choose a domain name. Since this can be difficult, you may want to use a free domain name generator. 

Choosing The Right Domain Extension 

When choosing a domain name, you need to come up with something that’s unique, memorable, and relevant to your business and brand. It should give people an idea of what to expect on the site and it should be easy to pronounce and as short as possible. It’s also a good idea to avoid the use of hyphens and numbers since it’s easy to forget these domains or mistype them. Regardless of which domain you choose, you should never infringe on another entity’s trademark. 

Where possible, you should try to include a relevant keyword in your domain since this can result in higher rankings on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. If this seems like a lot of work, you’ll be happy to know that a domain name generator tool can remove some of the hassle. 

The domain extension is the end of your web address such as .com or .org. Many people opt for .coms since these are easy to remember but you may opt for another extension based on the type of business you have and where your target audience is located. Educational sites tend to have .edu extensions and you may want a .us domain if your customers are primarily in the United States. You may want to consider buying your domain with a few different extensions for brand protection purposes. 

Why Use Direct Line Development’s Business Domain Name Generator? 

Direct Line Development’s domain name generator can get your creative juices flowing. The first thing you need to do is enter some keywords relating to your industry or your business name. The domain name generator tool will return a list of recommendations. Look through the suggestions and choose the one you like best. If you don’t like any of the options, you can add another keyword or try multiple keywords at one time. When you find an appropriate domain name that’s available, purchase it before someone else snatches it up!

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