Why Should You Hire A Dedicated Development Team?

why hire dedicated development team

Today when a company is planning to build a software solution but doesn’t have an in-house team of developers (or when this team doesn’t include all the necessary specialists), there are different options for establishing cooperation with external programmers. One of the most beneficial and feasible solutions in such a case is to hire dedicated development team that will fully satisfy your needs and build a high-quality product. 

What Is A Dedicated Development Team? 

Before you make a decision about the necessity of hiring dedicated development team, let’s make sure that you clearly understand what this model of work with external specialists presupposes. 

This term is used for describing a model of interaction and cooperation between a client and an outsourcing agency. When this model is applied, an outsourcing company is required to create and provide a team of specialists based on the client’s list of requirements that typically covers a number of team members, desired skills, experience, and knowledge. As a result, a client gets a team fully tailored to the specificity of the project. 

What Is A Typical Composition Of Dedicated Development Teams? 

When companies are planning to hire dedicated development teams, it is crucial for them to bear in mind that there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions. All projects are very different and the development of different products may require a wide range of various skills and knowledge. In any case, regardless of the exact team composition, it should function as a separate unit which means that it should have its own management. 

As a rule, when you hire dedicated development team, it includes: 

● programmers; 
● a project manager; 
● a QA specialist. 

The number of specialists within a team typically varies from 2-3 members up to 50+. 

When Is It A Good Idea To Hire Dedicated Development Teams? 

Hiring dedicated teams can become the best choice when: 

● You need to have some specific skills on the projects; 
● You plan to establish long-term cooperation with programmers; 
● You want to reduce labor costs. 

Pluses And Minuses Of This Hiring Model 

As usual, this model has its advantages and disadvantages. 


● Lower labor costs and expenses; 
● Flexibility (you can add new members or reduce their number when it is necessary); 
● No hiring and administrative issues 
● Access to a wide pool of talents all over the world 
● Full focus on your project 


● Limited control 
● Possible language barriers 
● Different time zones 

3 Approaches To Managing Dedicated Teams 

When you are thinking about how to hire software developers, you need to consider several approaches to managing remote programmers. Today, there are the following variants. 

The Extended Team Model 

In this case, a client bears responsibility for the management of a team and the entire development process. A client chooses candidates and conducts interviews, but all the administrative tasks are performed by an outsourcing agency. This model can become the best choice when you already have a development team and just need to add extra skills. 

The Managed Team Model

When this model is used, responsibilities are shared between a client and a provider. An outsourcing agency will hire specialists but a client still has a lot of power in making crucial decisions. It means that if you prefer this model, you will still have enough time to focus on your key activities but you have a lot of control over the hired developers. 

The Outsourced Team Model 

If you are ready to entrust the management of a development process to your IT partner, this model will suit you. An outsourcing agency creates a team based on your requirements and fully controls it and the entire process. 

As you see, this model has a lot of benefits for businesses but in some cases, it won’t be the most sensible choice. That’s why please attentively analyze your situation before making any serious decisions.

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