4 Ways To Increase Website Domain Authority

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When beginner bloggers and website owners start building a website, they do not immediately get comfortable with it. There's a bit of a learning curve for everyone. In addition to that, if you have a new website, it takes time to develop a good standing and create a positive image in front of searchers on Google and other top search engines. Websites are measured on the basis of certain core parameters and domain authority is surely one of the important ones. Domain Authority (DA) is a metric determined by SEO industry leader Moz used to determine the standing of a website. Websites that have been running successfully for a long time carry a higher DA score on Moz. 

For better or for worse, Domain Authority means a lot in the SEO and linkbuilding world, so you want to learn how to boost your site DA. Here are some domain authority basics and how to increase your domain authority month after month.

Website Domain Authority Basics

The Domain Authority Score for new websites is usually between 20 and 30. Older and more established websites with a lot of industry credibility and backlinks on the other hand have a score between 50 and 80. Domain Authority has surely emerged as an important metric to judge website standing. Moz is a leading tool for checking DA and PA (page authority) scores instantly and accurately without any hassle. 

In today's age of modern search engine optimization, if you want your website to get noticed by targeted customers, you should pay immense attention to the DA score. Your website should meet all the requirements for getting a good DA score. 

Here are 4 core requirements which need to be met to score higher on the Moz DA scale and increase your organic traffic on Google. 

1. Original Informative Content 

Today, content quality is as important for websites as oxygen is for human beings. If you do not offer quality content to customers, they would not start seeking more informative alternatives. Gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the best method of getting customers. The buyers of today have become very smart and they read the content on the website with complete attention. If someone is prepared to spend his money and buy a product, he would not take the decision hastily. Other than that, when it comes to online buying, content quality is a measure of website reliability. 

The content on your website should be exclusive and not copied from another online resource. An important point you need to remember is that web content is not about filling pages and covering the screen with headings. If a serious buyer visits your website, he would be concerned about how informative the content is. Is the content unique? It is original and written with an out of the box approach? Will it increase the knowledge of the reader? These are some of the many questions you need to have in your mind. Everything would click if the content impresses the customer. A serious buyer bases his decision to buy a product on how informative the written content is. 

2. Quality Backlinks Pay Off 

In any type of business, having the correct relations and connections takes your performance to a much higher level. For instance, consider that you are launching a new store in a particular area. If your outlet is recommended by someone who has been running a business outlet successfully, people would trust you immediately. This is because you would have a recommendation from a successful entrepreneurial existence. Being connected to the correct stake holders is important if you want your business to grow. 

In case of a website, backlinks are very important. Other than that, websites with a good count of quality backlinks get high DA scores without any challenge. Through a backlink, you can connect to prominent and established business stake holders. If you consider the perspective of a customer, it is hard to trust a new brand. People have several doubts in their minds and most of them do not take the chance. When you talk about backlinks, it is important that you opt for the best websites only. A backlink should only be established with a website that can help in improving your rank. There is no point in constructing backlinks which would bring your website standard down. 

3. A Strong Structure For Internal Linking 

What is internal linking and why is it so important to attain a high DA score? Every website comprises of multiple pages which are linked with each other. The internal structure defines the ways in which these pages are linked to each other. It is important for new users to understand the internal structure of a website. It helps you in moving between pages. Why is an internal linking structure needed? 

Every website has a different arrangement of pages and the linkages between them. If a user is new, it would be hard for him to understand this arrangement. However, if there is an internal linking structure, it would be much easier to understand the connections between different pages. Normally, new users do not spend time on a website if the internal linking structure is not helpful. Hence, it is important to have a good internal linking structure for a website. It helps in increasing traffic count and improving the DA score as well. 

4. Selection Of Relevant Unique Keywords 

A website grows in terms of progress if it has the correct keywords as a part of the content. Along with that, keyword combinations change from time to time. Websites have to alter the keyword usage in the content so that it matches the user search preferences. 

If you have a look at websites with a high DA score, they all relevant keywords which are updated from time to time. In this way, the rate of traffic does not decline at any level. As keywords are always according to user preferences, the maximum hits are attained. In an overall manner, if you have the correct keywords in the content, the DA score will increase and so will the rate of web traffic. In an overall manner, you can expect a greater count of conversions if you have quality keywords being used. 

Double Your Domain Authority 

Domain Authority is one of the key metrics to measure website performance. In the present time, if a website does not have a good DA score, it would become hard to get traffic and improve business results. Thus, if you have a look at the areas which websites focus on these days, domain authority stands at the very top. Demand of yourself that you double your domain authority this year to grow on Google!

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