Why Herbalife Still A Top MLM Company Today

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Herbalife Nutrition is a company that develops, markets and sells various health, fitness and weight loss products including shakes, supplements and more. Two of their many distributors live in the small towns, and their efforts there to help their neighbors stay healthy are drawing a lot of positive attention to the company and its values. 

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Small Town Distributors With Big Possibilities In Herbalife MLM

The economic engine of many small towns has traditionally been factories and mills; however, three of these have closed in the last ten years, and one is scheduled to move. After the hard-economic times hit, many community members took comfort in unhealthy foods. Making the situation worse, there aren't many gyms in the area to work out at. In short, it's traditionally been a community where many have not traditionally made good health and fitness choices. 

To change that, two entrepreneurs named founded a nutrition club in a small town. She thought that starting this club was a crazy idea at first because, as someone from a small town, she had never seen people get that excited about health and fitness, and she did not believe that the culture of the community would change in this regard. Her partner talked her into the venture, though, and she was pleasantly surprised when it worked like a house on fire. 

These two entrepreneurs offer many opportunities and products at their club to help people to stay fit, including classes, clinics and, of course, Herbalife Nutrition supplements and foods. The atmosphere is relentlessly positive, and people from all walks of life benefit from the club. Group exercise sessions in particular are upbeat, fun and well attended. The club members speak enthusiastically about the support they receive at the facility from these entrepreneurs and their fellow members and note that fitness is a group activity. 

These two health and fitness entrepreneurs love what they are doing, and they often tell people that their job allows them to hang out with 200 of their friends every day. In part because of their efforts and the healthy products they sell, their community is getting a much-needed shot of positive energy during a tough time. 

They come across as business professionals deeply concerned about the town they grew up in, and when they speak, their relief in being able to do something to help is palpable. Both of these small town entrepreneurs exude fitness and positive energy, and listening to them talk about what is happening in their town through their club is inspirational. 

The History Of Herbalife Nutrition 

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980 by entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Mark Hughes who was inspired to help others by the death of his mother from health issues related to being overweight. Herbalife Nutrition’s first product was a health shake, and Hughes sold it out of the trunk of his car. Today, the network marketing company is a multi-level marketing organization with roughly 8,000 employees around the world that operates in 105 countries. 

Herbalife Nutrition MLM has supported and sponsored several sports teams in its history, including the National Volleyball Team of France and the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team. 

The MLM company operates under the philosophy that the whole world can become more healthy and that its independent distributors can make money assisting this process. Because of its rapid growth in its early years, the company was being publicly traded in 1986. By 1988, Herbalife products were being sold internationally. 

In 1999, Mark Hughes tried to make the MLM company private again because he believed that Wall Street was not evaluating it correctly. This effort failed; however, the network marketing company did, in fact, become private again in 2002 after Mark Hughes had passed away and others took over. In 2004, this multi-level marketing company became publicly held again after a successful IPO and it has been public since then. Since that time it has been a perennial top network marketing company in 2023 across the globe. 

Despite increased scrutiny by various governments and some negative documentaries like "Betting On Zero", the company still continues to thrive even in 2023. You can't bet against Herbalife Nutrition in the long run!

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