What Is Affiliate Marketing? Your Questions Answered

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The internet is a constantly changing place. As new trends emerge, old ones fade away and affiliate marketing is unique in this matter. The principle stays the same, but as consumer tastes change, so do the marketing strategies used to maximize profit. 

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The concept is pretty simple: you use someone else's brand or product to get a sale. For example, many bloggers will post links to their favorite books or online stores to earn a commission from any purchases. While affiliate marketing is much easier to do now than ten years ago, it is still a good idea to learn the right way to do it. 

So if you are still asking yourself "What is affiliate marketing?", here is a guide to how affiliate marketing works. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? 

Affiliate marketing in itself is a simple principle to understand. If you have a website with a good number of visitors, you can get paid for those visitors shopping through an affiliate link. The link can exist either as a text hyperlink, banner advert, or even a QR code, as long as they have tracking. 

You can either choose to be an affiliate for a product or an affiliate network. An affiliate for a product would be to link to a product, and when someone buys that product via your link, you get paid. When you choose to be an affiliate for a network, you get paid a percentage of sales for every visitor that signs up via your link. 

Plus, affiliates can be products or services. Almost anything can become part of an affiliate program in some way. QR codes and affiliate links are becoming more popular in emails, billboard advertising, and traditional printed media. 

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing? 

Passive income is one of many reasons professionals go into affiliate marketing. With a well-written website and blog content, many professionals make five or six-figure sums annually. 

For example, you might consider selling mobile phones and accessories via drop shipping or wholesale. Instead, you can create a website centered around affiliate marketing and redirect all your traffic to Amazon's affiliate program. Product reviews can link via a "buy now" call to action or a banner on the website. 

And it isn't limited to retailers either. If you run a financial advice blog, you can become an affiliate for companies that offer legal and financial advice, or accountancy tools, for example. A lot of niche affiliate partner programs offer higher commission rates than the big programs like Amazon Associates which are usually 2-10%.

Top Tips for those New to Affiliate Marketing 

Along your journey to affiliate marketing success, you will hear much talk about only promoting products you believe in and bringing passion. 

And with good reason, since these key elements bring trust to the relationship between the media creator and consumer. 

Here are three top tips for getting started in affiliate sales. 

Keep It Simple 

At first it is best to start with products you already use, enjoy, and feel will make a lasting impact. That is because passion typically produces the best content. You will feel more engaged with the writing, the website presentation, and your conviction that your readers should buy or subscribe to the linked product will come through in the content. 

Not all affiliates make the most money from their biggest passions. But the most skilled marketing specialists will find a way of turning any niche into a profitable affiliate site, regardless of how abstract it might be. 

Some affiliate programs will accept everyone onto them. However, they also typically pay the lowest rates of return. That said, with some quality content and a well-designed website, you'll find the numbers come in soon enough, and you can move on to your more profitable schemes. 

Add Value to Your Business Model 

Many of the best-performing affiliate sales schemes work on a more personal basis since they may have a particular brand image to upkeep or high standards to match. Consider it like a job interview, as you will be representing their brand on a global scale. Concentrate on adding value to your business with your affiliate sales, not subtracting from it. 

Focusing on high-quality content and driving traffic to your website is more important than having more low-quality links. Think like your target reader demographic and ask yourself if they would want to buy that product or sign up for that service based on what they see on your website? Because that's the mindset, the companies will have when they review your request to build a successful working relationship. 

It can be frustrating if you are an advocate for their services already. But stick to a plan, maintain a professional image, and return after three months. By then, you should have more evidence that they can trust your business to support theirs, whether that is traffic, conversion rates, or a proven business model. 

Take a Course 

If you feel passionate about the affiliates business model, it's the right choice for you. 

Perfect your skills by taking an affiliate marketing course that ensures you have the most incredible wealth of knowledge to succeed in the space. 

Even if you have experience in marketing and affiliate sales, there is always something new to learn. The industry's best affiliates are still learning about trends to discover the latest opportunities to build the business to achieve tremendous success. 

What is Affiliate Marketing to You? 

You can't go far wrong with affiliate marketing. As digital trends change and consumers become savvy to advertising, innovators find new means to target audiences with affiliate links. 

Even if you have no interest in marketing, one link on your website generating $100 per month is still a welcome addition to any business and their end of year figures. It will at least take care of your website hosting and domain name costs!

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