Top 3 High-Paying Affiliate Programs In Germany

top casino high paying affiliate programs

Following the news that the German government will start issuing gambling licenses as of July 1, 2021, online business owners are looking for casinos with a good affiliate program to capitalize on the change in regulation for 2022. 

Germans can legally gamble online in any licensed casino. They can also run affiliate programs with other casinos and earn a living. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the most popular models of referral programs in Germany, and why many players love them. But first, what are these programs? 

What Are Casino Affiliate Partnerships? 

Let’s suppose that you are a regular player at Every time you enter the site you are offered to join the affiliate community and get a 50% commission from the casino. It sounds lucrative, doesn’t it? But what does it actually involve? 

A casino affiliate partnership implies that a casino will pay partners for referring customers to the site. The affiliate programs ease the marketing load on casinos since brands share their marketing responsibility with willing partners. 

The affiliates are responsible for bringing in new users, encouraging them to make a deposit and place a bet on the site. The traffic could come from a casino guide website, vlog, or blog with affiliate links. For their effort, partners earn money depending on the terms of the agreement. The more people the affiliate refers to a casino, the higher commission they are likely to earn. 

It’s a win-win scenario for both parties. Online casinos get new users at a fraction of the marketing fees, while those referring new users receive passive income by just spreading the word about casinos. 

There are numerous models of casino affiliate programs in existence. These programs differ from one casino to the other. If you are looking to get into affiliate business in Germany, then these are the best options available. 

Cost-Per-Acquisition Programs 

In this model, a casino will pay a set amount of commission for referring a new customer, but this customer needs to take some action — for example, make a deposit. Different casinos have different commission rates and terms regarding their program. 

Some brands offer a standard fee — for instance, $50 for every new user that an affiliate refers to the website. To enjoy the $50, the new user has to deposit a minimum of $50 or more and wager part of the initial deposit. 

Others don't set a minimum initial deposit, and the affiliate will get a commission which corresponds to a given percentage. For instance, the affiliate might earn 15% of the referred user's first deposit. 

CPA implies one-time payments. This model is popular among casinos as they only have to pay once for every new lead the affiliates generate. 

Tiered Revenue-Sharing Programs 

A revenue-sharing program is similar to CPA except that the relationship lasts beyond the first deposit. Instead of earning a one-time commission, an affiliate will receive a percentage of all the money their referrals wager and lose. 

The commission rates differ from one casino to the other. If a casino offers a 35% revenue share and more, consider joining their affiliate program. This way, you will receive 35% of all the money your referrals lose in the casino. 

This model is beneficial to both the casino and the affiliates. For as long as the referrals place bets and lose, the affiliates will always receive a commission. It is up to the referee to encourage their referrals to keep placing bets. 

On the other hand, the casino doesn't need to invest too much into marketing to retain customers. The referees will bear some of the responsibilities as they intend to keep their commission coming. It is a win-win situation for both parties. 

Wager Programs 

This one is slightly different from the revenue-sharing model. Here, the focus is on the total amount that a referred player wagers in the casino. 

The casino’s partner will get a percentage of all the money that the referred players wager. It doesn't matter if the wagered amounts yield revenue for the casino. 

If one refers 20 players to a casino running a 35% wager affiliate program, then they will receive $350 as a commission if all the players wager $50 each. How awesome is that? 

Since this model doesn't take into account the profits or losses resulting from a player's wager, it is not very popular among casinos. The model favors affiliates more than the house. Very few casinos offer this model, but if you are lucky to stumble upon one — consider participating in the program. 

Now that we've seen the most popular referral programs in Germany, how can you become a partner to a brand? 

How To Become An Affiliated Partner Of A Brand 

It doesn't take much to become a partner to a casino and start earning a commission via referrals. Here is what you should do to become an affiliate: 

● Register with a casino of choice and submit your credentials. The credentials are user information such as your email, username, and personal data to help identify you. 

● Choose your preferred model of affiliation. 

● Select the countries you intend to target. 

● Go through the verification process. The technical team of the casino will decide if you are fit enough to be an affiliate or not. 

● Get links, marketing tools, and link-tracking resources to help you with attracting referrals to the casino. 

● Once you have all the tools, get down to work, and start earning money from the referrals. 

Casinos cooperate with both individuals and businesses, so the requirements may differ. Note also that if you are a thought leader, you will likely be asked to provide information about your follower base and performance stats. 


Affiliate programs can passively earn you thousands of dollars in monthly income if you get your marketing efforts right. Take advantage of the information provided above to understand casino affiliate programs in Germany, choose the model which suits your goals, and start earning today!

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