6 Best Payment Processing Practices High-Risk Industries Can Adopt

best payment processing practices high-risk industries

Having a full-service merchant account with a credit card processing company is critical for the survival and growth of any business. And, this factor becomes all the more essential for high-risk e-commerce merchants. You need more than just a company that helps process credit and debit card payments; you’ll need additional services that support your business all through the volatility of its operations. 

Here are some of the 6 best payment processing practices high-risk companies would want to adopt. 

1. Choose A Credit Card Processing Service That Accepts All Payment Types 

Credit card processors offering high-risk merchant accounts may have restrictions on the type of cards they accept. But, if you work in the high-risk industry, you will want to find one that welcomes businesses such as your own. Having payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, membership plans, and gift cards encourages customers to buy your products or services. 

This facility makes it possible to offer services to a broader customer base interested in the products and services you offer. 

2. Choose An Offshore Processing Service 

An offshore credit card processor will operate according to the laws and regulations of the nation where they are headquartered. Less stringent taxes and concessions designed to encourage foreign investment may allow these companies to provide you economical services at lower fees with additional perks. Some good examples are the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Togo. 

Offshore processors give you access to international customers in new and fast-emerging economies interested in high-risk merchandise like collectibles, rare items, jewelry, adult entertainment, vintage cars, and online gambling. 

Company owners will want to do their homework and determine the tax benefits they can take advantage of when partnering with businesses in global locations. You may even find that you can save by combining work and travel--for example, people living in the United Arab Emirates don’t pay income tax to their national of residence. 

3. Provide Advanced Fraud Protection 

Credit card processors offer services integrated with advanced security and state of the art fraud prevention technology. These facilities work to verify customer identity and their address. Their use of software to understand customer behavior and the probability of chargebacks can help you minimize returns and refunds. On the flip side, fraud prevention tools also offer complete assurance to customers about your business’s legitimacy and the authenticity of the goods you sell. Customers can verify your company before placing orders. 

4. Avoid Losses From Currency Fluctuations 

If you’re serving foreign customers, being able to process credit cards can prove invaluable. While all businesses can use credit card processing companies to sell to customers from different countries and currencies, high-risk merchants benefit particularly. Considering that most high-risk companies deal in expensive products and services, currency variations of even a few cents can translate into significant cuts in revenues and profits. You’ll have an almost accurate estimate of the final payment you’ll receive at the time of accepting the order. This feature also allows you to price products according to the profits you hope to earn. 

5. Register With Local Payment Processors 

Registering with a local payment processor allows you to serve customers in their currency. This option offers additional convenience to people who don’t want to use credit cards for their purchases. You can also create country-specific websites to quote prices in the local currency, so customers have an accurate overview of the actual costs of the products and services you sell. High-risk merchants have the option of following market trends and transferring profits when currency conversion rates are more favorable. 

Business brokers will tell you that later, when you choose to figure out the best way to sell your company for a profit, this geographical diversity is an enormous asset. Having a solid clientele base in multiple nations gives your future buyer access to new markets. 

6. Protect Customer Information 

Getting SSL certification for your website is mandatory to protect the information customers provide when visiting the site or providing credit card details for placing orders. The SSL certification ensures secure connections between your website server, browser, payment processor, and bank account. Safeguarding customer information and providing protection against data breaches is crucial for staying compliant with federal regulations. Make sure to sign up with a credit card processor with the necessary protocols to keep your company and customer protected. 


High-risk merchants need to take exceptional care when it comes to adopting the right payment processing practices that can help streamline current operations and promote future growth. Find the right payment processor for your high risk business today.

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