4 Ways Affiliate Marketing Expands Brand Awareness

affiliate marketing expanding brand awareness

Affiliate marketing is any marketing campaign in which an individual gets paid a commission for earning sales. Affiliates receive a trackable link and earn a percentage of the total sale for any purchases driven through that link. Affiliate sales and marketing is an extremely affordable marketing strategy for your business that highlights your products, services, and brand in an effective, meaningful way. 

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Affiliate marketers must first build an audience and traffic through branding, social media, email marketing, blogging, or other similar means. Then, as you start to build an audience, you realize there are plenty of areas for improvement. For example you can build an amazon affiliate website like this one, BestyBesty.com

Giving Your Brand Personality 

Affiliate marketing naturally extends the look, feel, and personality of the marketer to your products and services. Perhaps you're promoting your cleaning products through a popular mom blogger. Those products will take on a family-friendly feeling simply by being associated with the right promoter. By choosing your affiliates wisely, you can hand-pick the brand associations you would like to have. Whether you have your cooking products featured on a gourmet website, an Enterprise live streaming platform, or a penny pincher blog, you can get the personality you're after with this type of marketing. 

Connecting With Known Names 

In today's intimate online landscape, customers often feel like they know bloggers and social media celebrities on a personal basis. Many dedicated online personalities respond to comments, tweets, and messages, giving the sense that followers are more friend than fan. This is where the lines between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing can blur. Modern affiliate marketing often uses the power of influencers or microinfluencers to get more referrals. 

The prime difference between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing isn't who you're connecting with, so you can work with a top influencer on an affiliate campaign if that individual is so inclined. The primary distinction between these two strategies is how the promoter is paid. Affiliate programs pay a commission on sales, while influencers get paid upfront for campaigns. Either approach will connect your brand to a name as you increase awareness. 

Incorporating A Trustworthy Review 

Most affiliate marketing posts include more than just a link to your product or service. It is in the affiliate's best interest to push sales for you, as they are receiving a commission on purchases. Most affiliates will promote your brand by blogging about their experiences with it. This typically includes an honest review of your products and services. 

Because readers have already come to know and trust the blogger, they're more likely to rely on this review than they are on something from an unknown poster. While product reviews are useful anywhere you can get them, affiliate reviews can carry added weight. 

Putting Products On Display With Affiliates

Affiliates know they can't sell your products without showing them off. A key part of their posting is usually photographing your products in action. Some affiliates might even film a video demonstration. This offers an outstanding opportunity for you to solidify your brand image, right in the hands and household of a trusted online personality. 

Add Income With Affiliate Marketing

Done well, an affiliate marketing campaign can enhance your brand image and help you connect with new customers. Choose your affiliates wisely, and you can solidify the personality behind your products while earning interest at the same time.

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