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how to develop affiliate business web hosting

Affiliate marketing has been one of the most popular ways of making money online for years now. Bloggers and influencers are all over this trend, promoting all kinds of products and services, raking in generous commissions in return. 

Here Is The Leading New Online Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate yourself, the first thing you need to do is pick a niche. Digging around, you will soon find one industry that often pops up as a lucrative choice — web hosting. With hundreds of millions of users already online and many more waiting to make the first step, this is a service that offers plenty of opportunities. 

Our job today is to find out why so many people nowadays are choosing to become hosting affiliates and what you can do to join in the fun. 

But first — the basics on website hosting and affiliate programs. 

What Is A Web Hosting Affiliate Program? 

Becoming a web hosting affiliate is a wonderful way to create an extra revenue stream for your business. You can advertise the services of your favorite providers via special links and banners, and each new signup brings in a sweet commission for yourself. It is a simple process, really: 

1. You place a banner or affiliate link on your website or among your social groups. 

2. A user clicks on the link and purchases a web hosting package. 

3. You get an affiliate commission for bringing in a new client. 

Depending on the hosting provider, bonuses can go over $100 per sale, so active and determined affiliates easily rake $1,000+ a month. 

Benefits Of A Hosting Affiliate Program 

Joining a web hosting affiliate program should not take much convincing. It is a low-risk, high-reward venture that carries plenty of worthwhile benefits. 

No Investments Needed 

There are no fees or contracts needed to become a hosting affiliate. It is a business with extremely easy entry, and no previous experience is required to succeed. What's more, reliable hosting providers include a bunch of useful tools to help affiliates do a better job — analytics monitoring, sales data tracking, promotional materials, and more. 

Extra Revenue Stream 

Web hosting affiliate programs are a fantastic way to increase your profits and get some passive income. It doesn't matter if you are a student, a freelancer, or work in a bank — the only thing you need is a passion for the services you have chosen to advertise. As it is not a steady income, the numbers may greatly vary from month to month, but successful affiliates are happy to report commissions of $2,000+ even in their slow months. 

No Support Responsibilities 

One of the best things about being an affiliate is you don't need to know anything about web hosting. Your mission is to simply nudge potential clients in the right direction, and the provider takes it from there. Account setups, upgrade options, technical assistance — those are all worries for your web host. Still, that's a crucial reason why you should promote only quality providers with excellent support services — poor hosting reputation can easily bring your sales down as well. 

Web Hosting Is A Great Niche 

Let's face it — web hosting is one of the best niches to dive into if you are looking to try affiliate marketing. Building your own online project is extremely popular today, and having a reliable server provider behind your back is an integral part of the process. Hosts are making it even easier to start with regular introductory discounts, special offers, and coupon codes. 

So, to recap, you don't need any money to become an affiliate, web hosting is a profitable niche to consider, and extra profits simply boil down to your promotional skills. 

How To Promote Your Web Hosting Affiliate? 

Getting great results from a web hosting affiliate program is entirely in your hands. Luckily, promoting such a service is no different than endorsing a brand in front of your peeps. There are several ways to do that. 

Banners And Links — if you have a website, it is a wonderful place to start with your promotion efforts. Putting a stylish banner or a visible link to your hosting partner costs you nothing, and you can take full advantage of your website traffic. Of course, it is always better if your page is in a similar niche. Otherwise, you are just stuffing your site with irrelevant links. 

Blog Posts — another useful way to utilize your online domain is to write a blog post about the host you are trying to promote. Stories from first-hand experience are valuable for potential clients and are often the final make-or-break factor for their buying decision. You can also share a flattering review that covers the advantages of your provider in large blog networks to increase your reach. 

Social Media — everyone is on one or another social media nowadays, and you can utilize those channels for your affiliate promotions as well. Still, take some time to learn about the demographics of each network, so you can ensure you are speaking to the right crowd. This strategy works especially well if you already have some social media influence with a good number of followers behind your back. In such cases, make sure to promote only tested and reliable hosting services, or you risk losing your loyal fans over a side gig. 

Discount Coupons — hosting providers often give affiliates a bunch of special offers they can share with their audience. A customized discount coupon often works wonders as it can contain a bonus that is unavailable anywhere else on the market. There are even clients that specifically search for such deals before they make any online purchase. 

Hosting Comparison Page — this one is for more advanced users. If you have the resources and workforce to do it, creating a page dedicated to web hosting reviews and comparisons can skyrocket your commissions. This is also the best way to promote multiple brands and get numerous streams of revenue in your pockets. The plan is to build a page, fill it with relevant information, and put a strong focus on SEO so it can rank better in search engines. Once the wheels start turning, you just need to regularly add and refresh your content to keep up with the trends. 

Scala Hosting Affiliate Program 

Now that we know how profitable the industry can be, it is time to pick the right hosting affiliate programs with the best ROI. 

Scala Hosting is a prime example of an innovative provider with one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry. The company offers a comprehensive solution where you can bring new clients and earn up to $200 per sale. 

Scala includes a bunch of bonuses for all partners. 

You get a dedicated affiliate manager to help with useful company resources and detailed analytics to track your success. Everything is operated from an intuitive dashboard, and Scala even throws in a complimentary free hosting service for your personal needs. 

It doesn't take much effort to find clients for such a provider as you have some of the fastest and best-supported shared hosting and cloud VPS servers at your disposal. 

Final Takes On Web Host Affiliate Sales

The best thing about becoming a web hosting affiliate is that you can make high profits with zero financial investments. With the help of this article, you should be able to better understand how the industry works and what benefits does it hide for the everyday user. There are a plethora of promotional channels out there, and a well-balanced affiliate strategy can see you earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month.

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