Ohio Finds Inspiration At Local Herbalife Nutrition Clubs

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Herbalife Nutrition Clubs offer customers the chance to participate in a nutritious and healthy lifestyle alongside a support network. Founded in Mexico back in 2004, the first Herbalife Nutrition Club helped those within the community who wanted to consume nutritional products find a more affordable option by breaking down the servings into individual sizes. Since then, the number of Nutrition Clubs around the world has grown to around 75,000. 

This number continues to grow rapidly, especially around Columbus, Ohio. Here are a few ways Herbalife Nutrition Clubs help their community and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Making Nutrition Accessible 

For those in the Ohio community that struggle to find healthy food options, Herbalife Nutrition helps them consume nutritious shakes at an affordable price. Nutrition Cubs elevate the communities in which they were established by being accessible for all, especially for neighborhoods with food deserts that lack fresh, healthy, and affordable food. 

Accessible food and nutrition are more important than ever after a strained supply chain of foods.

Plug Into Community Support 

The Herbalife Nutrition Clubs not only improve the community’s eating habits but their overall health and well-being as well. Herbalife Nutrition allows people to gather together at any Nutrition Club, receive tips on general nutrition, participate in weight loss challenges, and get active with group activities and exercises. Helping communities find a network of positive support to stay healthy can make a difference down the line. 

Social Connection Enhances Overall Health 

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs give people within Ohio the chance to connect. Along with the support Nutrition Clubs offer, Herbalife promotes socialization within every activity. According to the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, those with meaningful social relationships tend to have better health behaviors such as eating healthily and being physically active. 

Herbalife Nutrition’s independent distributors are well-versed and well-trained in assisting customers with finding a personalized nutrition and exercise plan that helps them efficiently achieve their wellness goals. This customized connection between customers and independent distributors also offers social support, motivation, encouragement, and accountability. 

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle 

It’s no secret that Herbalife Nutrition encourages people to live their best lives. Individual distributors give customers unique nutrition and workout plans. When you add in a community that supports customers’ fitness goals, a healthy lifestyle is within reach. 

According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, obesity has tripled worldwide since 1975. Making sustainable lifestyle changes demands an inclusive approach with combined elements of physical activity, proper nutrition, and a personalized plan included with a support system. Herbalife's personalized program promotes this holistic healthy lifestyle and encourages its customers to stay active and eat right. 

Get To Know Herbalife 

Founded in 1980 in Los Angeles, California, Herbalife Nutrition has the mission to improve eating habits worldwide with a great-tasting and well-researched nutrition option to help customers balance their lives. They do this through their independent distributors who serve as coaches in their communities, supporting their customers on their weight loss, wellness, or fitness journeys. Through the power of community within Nutrition Clubs, they foster accountability, social support, and a means to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle.

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