Choosing A Great Designer Is As Essential As The Design Itself

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Not only does the design and construction process take a lot of time (and it might be very costly if you hire someone), but the site itself is hugely important for the future of your business. 

Whether you are starting to work online or if you want to update an existing website, choosing the right web designer for the job can lead to real online success, and trust me, is just as important as the design itself. 

But what makes a web designer great? Stay with us and find out in the rest of the text. 

Choosing A Great Designer 

Let's dive into a few things to look for when choosing a web designer: 

Decide On A Budget 

First things, first: Costs are important to consider in web design, as with any type of purchase - as a business owner you need to be aware of what’s in your budget and what’s not. 

The vast majority of web designers and developers work on time. They will look at your requirements and decide how long it takes them or their team to complete the job, and then multiply that number by the daily or hourly rate. 

So, if one designer quotes much less than the others you approached, ask them all how much the daily or hourly rate they charge. 

If their rate is similar, but the overall cost is lower, you can be sure that they will spend less time understanding your business, researching what it takes for a website to succeed, and finishing a website to high standards. 


Past work is one of the best ways to visually understand the possibilities of future designer work. 

However, note: As most of the portfolio is developed for specific clients with specific project needs and goals, keep in mind that a designer's portfolio does not necessarily represent their style or preferences - often designers are tasked with interpreting and bringing someone else's style and branding closer to life. 

Try to think objectively, look at websites, and consider whether you would enjoy using them if you were in their target audience. Would you be impressed enough with the company’s promotion to get in touch? Is it easy enough to contact them? 

Also, after quite a long cruise on the Internet and a lot of reviewed web design sites, we came across one great, young, perspective, yet very experienced design team. They are called Inkyy. And they are crazy good. Trust us when we say, go visit their website, you can find it here. Also, Inkyys blog is one of the best blog pages we came across in a long time, so if you are into designing and everything that is connected with it, go visit Inkyy Web Design website. They can serve as a good example of how a modern web design agency should look and operate. 


I don’t think there’s a better way to get a testimony than to talk directly to someone the designer has worked with. 

Why not try to invite some of the companies for which your potential website designer has launched websites, perhaps choosing the best from their portfolio? 

• Was it easy to cooperate? 
• Did they complete the project on time and a budget? 
• Did they do everything they promised? 
• Do they provide good long-term support? 

The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of their time to ask these questions. 

Note: It is very important to pay attention to designers who typically use third-party online review systems to gather true feedback from their customers. Also, try to look for online feedback and reviews for the designer. 

Consider A Designer Or A Company That Wants To Have A Conversation With You 

Any designers or companies you look at will want to have the first meeting with you to discuss your goals, how you want your website to look and work, and your budget. 

This is standard, but during this meeting, there are a few things you want to look for. 

You want a web design company or designers who recognize and value your expertise. You know what you are selling and you have some idea of ​​how you should present it to potential customers for maximum performance. 

No one knows your job better than you. If a web design company or designer does not recognize this and will not listen to your ideas, then maybe that is not for you and you should look further. 

On the other hand, you also don't want a web designer who says "yes" to absolutely everything you ask for, without giving any ideas of his own. 

You want to work with someone who is confident in their knowledge and expertise and who is not afraid to use it to make a website better than you imagined. 

Technologically Savvy 

You want a web designer or developer who knows the latest best practices and conventions for creating websites that are easy to find and easy to use. 

When it comes to web design, there are skills that every designer should have, but, most importantly, they should be dedicated to constantly adding to this list. Technology and Google's algorithm are not static, so developer knowledge should not be static. 

Also, your web designer should design your website within a content management system such as WordPress (which is the most famous, if not the best). Without a content management system, you will need to rely on your developer to perform any updates to your website. 

What Are You Waiting For? Choose Your Designer Or Design Company Now! 

It is a good idea to contact, correspond or even interview several designers in your search to get a sense of how they work, how they communicate and the ideas or recommendations they have for your project. 

Either way, one thing is for sure, and that is that your project deserves good web design. I hope these tips have helped you, or will only help you in your choice of designer. Good luck!

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