Affiliate Marketing Vs Dropshipping, What Is The Difference?

Are you looking for alternatives to earn money?  Do you intend to create your own business and be independent? Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing are two of the most profitable ways to expand your business. They both aim to help you earn online, but their roles are different. 

This New Affiliate Program Is Better Than Dropshipping

The idea of affiliate marketing is to maximize the growing online community. As people began to sell products online, they recruited individuals to try and sell on their behalf. The resellers have a referral link to share with their audience. You make money because resellers earn a commission from anyone who purchased through their referral link. 

If you are wondering how to start affiliate marketing for beginners, you can search online for courses, training videos, and tutorials. It is a worthwhile endeavor to look into because the income revenue streams are unlimited. You can also be an affiliate of thousands of products at the same time. 

Affiliate Marketing

In this business platform, you earn based on your performance. The more clients you produce, the bigger the income. It requires online tactics and determination to encourage customers to buy. 

Strengths Of Affiliate Marketing 

Free Entry Pass In Business 

Ecommerce stores are looking for interested individuals to promote their business. To join the affiliate program, people sign up for free. Their task is simple, and it is to promote the links of the company. 

Extra Income 

It is profitable if you do your best in marketing these products. You can choose your methods of promotion or how you share it with people you know. You can do this full-time or part-time, your performance determines your income. 

You Don't Need To Have An Inventory

Your job is to promote the product and offer the network links of your affiliate. You do not need to worry about the inventory of the company's products. This is a big advantage because keeping items in stock will require you to have extra space in your home or office. Oftentimes, you need to pay for the items in advance, too. Affiliate marketing and literally saves you money and space. 

No Customer Support 

In affiliate marketing, you redirect the customer to the e-commerce website. You do not need to answer queries and attend to customer concerns. The brand or company has its own support team to handle this. 

Weaknesses Of Affiliate Marketing 

Commission Based 

The company determines your income and pays you based on the commission you earn. Even if you give your best efforts in bringing in customers, you cannot change how much you earn per item. The only solution to this is to keep selling more. 

People Can Remove Affiliate Links

Trust is a difficult trait to gain. Even if you provide a legit referral link, people remove it and enter the URL of the website and buy directly from them. 


Dropshipping, on the other hand, allows you to create and manage your own business. It helps you understand in-market products and test a variety of business ideas. If you are looking for a business opportunity, dropshipping can help you. It also does not ask you to keep products in stock. The process is simple. If a client orders a product, you transfer it to the supplier and ship directly to the customer. You earn based on the arbitrage. 

Strengths Of Dropshipping 

No Entry Barrier 

You can start, even without investment. It grants you full rights in selling a product. It is a great deal for you to earn. All you need to have is domain and hosting. 

You Earn More 

With a tactical advertising platform, you can target buyers and encourage them to buy your products. It is not commission based, and you earn based on how much effort you give. 


You are not dependent on the merchant's store. Your dropshipping store grows in time, and it is the same with any eCommerce store. 

Weaknesses Of Dropshipping 

Customer Support Management 

You assist customers whenever they have queries about a product that they want to buy. You keep them engaged and make them feel comfortable with your shop. Build trust means building a strong customer relationship. 

Shipping Control 

You cannot control the delays in shipping. Due to this, you may receive complaints from your costumers that might lower the trust rating of your store. 


Dropshipping and Affiliate marketing both encourage and target potential clients. In dropshipping, you can retarget your audience and convert it to profit. Affiliate marketing just transfers the customer to another website. 

If you are looking for something easier to manage without the need for customer support, the affiliate program route is for you. If you want to be independent and have full control over your products, dropshipping will be more advantageous. 

Whatever you choose, taking the first big step is the most important thing.

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