What Are Conversions In Marketing? How to Increase Conversion Rates

what are conversions in marketing how to increase conversion rates

Conversions in marketing are all-important measures of how many visitors turn into leads.

They are expressed as ratios of total visitors vs. those who perform desired actions.  As such, conversions hold the key to extracting value from online traffic and boosting marketing ROI.

The only issue is related to identifying tactics for maximizing your conversions.  Namely, you need to know what to examine and come up with improvements that will make a difference.

There is a lot of ground to cover here on improving conversions in marketing, but fret not.

This guide will help you get your conversion strategy off the ground. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Grasping the Basics of Conversions in Marketing

Online user actions that drive conversions take different forms.

They range from users submitting a form to them completing a purchase. To ward off initial confusion, think of this metric as the main barometer for the health of your digital marketing.

Note that the average conversion rate for websites is 4.31% globally. 

That means that for every 100 visitors, companies get only four customers. Evaluating how you compare to this benchmark gives you a nice sense of perspective.

Furthermore, you have to put conversions into a specific context. In other words, measure them based on what kind of business you run and what your goals are.

Merely “improving conversions” doesn’t cut it as a goal. Instead, take advantage of the S.M.A.R.T. goals technique to set your objectives properly. You will make later tracking and fine-tuning way easier.

Moreover, try to categorize visitors by origin. Those coming through paid campaigns tend to have higher bounce rates and spend less time on pages. On the other hand, organic and returning visitors are more likely to stick around and they also view more pages.

Take all this into account when monitoring your traffic and testing conversions.

Testing the Waters
Landing pages make or break your conversion-boosting efforts.

Poorly-designed ones let traffic go to waste. They are plagued by issues such as content oversaturation and overly complicated navigation. It goes without saying you have to steer clear of these pitfalls.

First of all, get familiar with A/B testing. This is the most popular conversion rate optimization technique of today.

It enables you to figure out what elements and versions of pages show the most promise. For example, you can craft compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) to steer user behavior. Here, you need to ensure your copy (text) is concise and on the money.

Likewise, testing allows you to find the best CTA type. There are many options to weigh, such as “Add to Cart” or “Register Now” buttons. Links directing users to other pages can also serve as CTAs.

More often than not, the most effective approach is to have one clear offer and give it center stage. This is to say you should minimize all other page distractions. The reason is simple.

When visitors are pulled in many different directions, they often decide to jump ship. That’s the last thing we want, isn’t it?

Making Digital Real Estate Come Alive

In terms of content, there are a few principles to follow.

Firstly, explain why your company is different from the rest and what main benefits and features of your products/services are. Make your value proposition shine through the words, facts, and figures.

These are all ways to move people in the right direction, using nothing more than a gentle push.

Beyond relevant information, you should add some visual flair to make things more interesting. 

Videos are perhaps the single most impactful asset you can employ. They humanize your brand and make it more approachable.

It also pays off to experiment with different layout and style of landing pages. For instance, change the position of main page elements. Alter the style of text and switch out images.

Harness the power of colors to evoke emotions.

In order to inspire more trust, display customer testimonials and reviews. This kind of social proof asserts your credibility and put visitors’ minds at ease.

In case you sell products, double down on additional hooks and incentives. Think in terms of free shipping and money-back guarantees. A countdown timer can also come in handy, as it creates a sense of urgency.

When Form Follows Function

Filling out a form is one of the most common goals businesses seek to materialize.

These days, you see multi step forms everywhere and for good reasons too. Make sure, however, to avoid one common mistake—forcing users to fill too many fields.

Some experts suggest having no more than three. Such a streamlined setup entices prospects to actually fill out the form and brings a significant increase in conversations. No need to test dwindling attention spans and waste anyone’s time.

Another tactic to ponder is the integration of pop-ups. Various studies suggest they have a positive influence on conversion rates.

The most important ingredient of their success is the right offer. It can be premium content, a freebie, e-book, or something else. Again, experimentation and testing reveal the correct approach.

Just see to it pop-ups don’t put visitors off and spoil their experience.  Make the “close” option clearly visible and prevent the window from emerging again later.

The list of other effective tools and tactics goes on. Remember your chief task is to conduct testing and gathering new data on a regular basis. Produce a steady stream of reports loaded with insights.

Conversion optimization is always work in progress.  

Taking It to the Next Level

Conversions in marketing play a pivotal role in lead generation and sales.

If you mean business, you must put them front and center in your strategy. Start by adopting a solid game plan and data-based mindset.

Know exactly what kind of action you want visitors to perform. Then, compel them to do it without annoying anyone. The best shot is to uncover a single, irresistible offer and do away with all the non-essentials.

Of course, you will have to do extensive testing to see what works and what doesn’t. There is no other way to polish your landing pages and CTAs to perfection.

Browse our digital marketing section and discover more tips and tricks on conversions in marketing online. It’s time to supercharge your digital presence and do it without blowing your business budget.

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