How The Luxury Watch Industry Is Surviving The Coronavirus Crisis - And 4 New Timepieces You Can Buy Now

how luxury watch industry surviving coronavirus crisis top new timepieces to buy best watches

There’s no escape from the fact, coronavirus has affected several industries from across the globe. Especially now, when it comes to the luxury watch industry, people are holding back their money as they do not want to spend on luxuries. If the situation of the market continues to be like this, the global economy might cripple at any time. Apart from the health issues that have been caused by a coronavirus, it is here to stay and take a big toll on the buying behavior of consumers. 

Luxury watches have always been on the top list of several men and women who love to stand out in a large crowd. Now that everyone is staying at home, the idea of buying a luxury watch doesn’t seem to cross anyone’s minds. It is expected that the global watch market will get a cut of around 30% of its total revenue this year. This is being said for sure for the domestic market, what about the online watch market? Well, the online market is expected to withstand the global pandemic because buyers will make purchases on the web. 

Owing to the current situation of the global pandemic, nothing seems to flourish any time soon in future. Although the luxury watch industry has received a major set back by the global lockdown, still many people are hopeful that it will prosper in the coming months ahead. Currently, if you explore the Rolex explorer, you will be astonished to see how they are marketing luxury watches. 

This pandemic has given a lot of time to companies for uplifting their marketing standards. The Rolex Explorer is a top timepiece that markets itself to big-time buyers.

Here are 4 other top timepieces you can buy now during any economy: 

1. Patek Philippe 

If you’re someone who loves to flaunt their wealth by wearing gold, this timepiece is the best option around. Valued at over $0.1 million, this timepiece has thousands of fans across the globe. This timepiece has several features such as moths, weeks, leap year and night indicators. 

2. Omega Speedmaster Stainless Steel 

This classy piece is an ideal accessory that can complement your overall look for a corporate meeting or a family gathering. Valued at around $3500, this watch has everything, you can think of. It is made out of stainless steel and has a well carved sporty edge. The intriguing thing to note about this watch is, it can withstand extreme temperatures. 

3. Blancpain Fifty 43mm 

Are you looking for a luxury piece to sport every day? Buy the new Blancpain fifty meteor 43mm that has the hottest look in town. As soon as you unbox this watch, you will come across a Blancpain calibre with a staggering 120-hour power battery. This means you don’t need to worry about the battery running out anytime sooner. 

4. Montblanc Timewalker 

Have you ever wondered how amazing people look when they sport a vintage timepiece? You can also look great by wearing the modern Montblanc timewalker that has all the amazing features you could think of. Its unique design and pitch black color is enough reason for anyone to purchase it. 

It's Time To Buy A Terrific Timepiece 

A luxury watch is a smart investment no matter what is going on in the world. When it comes to function and fashion, you can't beat high-end watches.

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