How To Make Money Your First Year In MLM

how to earn money first year mlm network marketing multi-level marketer income

You should know that network marketing is a huge business opportunity that really doesn’t ask much of you to begin with. A very small investment can end up paying big with MLM. 

This MLM Company Will Earn You More Money Your First Year

Starting a brick and mortar small business costs far more that starting a network marketing business. Compare the two, and you will hands down see a greater value in trying out MLM over a traditional business any day. 

The other great thing about starting an MLM business is that you can literally walk away at any time with little work or consequence. A network marketing business can be ended by cancelling your subscriptions and ending your membership. The traditional small business requires you to be stuck with inventory, employee issues, and the lease and overhead remaining, among other things. 

I myself chose to become an internet marketer 8 years ago and a network marketer shortly after, and let me tell you – it has been the best business decision I have ever made. Absolutely nothing else in the working world will pay you like network marketing does, and definitely not as passive residual income that you don’t lift a finger for. 

Want to join me in making the best business decision you can? Here is how to make money your first year in MLM and pump up your profits! Get ready to listen to your sponsor, your upline, and successful reps and than get to work!

1 – High Commissions For A Small Investment 

If you are signing up with an MLM that will cost you more than $200 a month, you are already on the wrong track. You shouldn’t have to spend more than $200 a month to get started. You will have to remain a member, and you will have to buy product every month. If you come across an MLM that says it is free to get started, don’t be alarmed but don’t be na├»ve. 

This is true, but in the sense that you have to sell to get commissions to cover your product. The company still has to profit. You want to aim for an MLM that has a 30%-50% range on commissions. Personally, I earn 50% on every first time purchase made under me. In the beginning, this will greatly help to offset the advertising cost to get growing. 

2 – An Autoresponder Combined With A Built-In Sales Funnel 

Most MLM companies do not already have an automated response system in place. This could be a message that goes out to the leads you generate when they are first looking on your website. I wouldn’t recommend joining an MLM that does not have an autoresponder. I rely on our autoresponder for 95% of the work needed to land a sale. Otherwise I would work far more than the one hour a day I currently average. In my company, there is no need to buy or make your own sales funnel. You simply need to get the leads to the sales funnel and the rest is a wrap. 

3 – You Need Great Products 

If you asked me some time ago, I would have told you that it didn’t really matter what products you sold, just as long as you sold something. Since, I have learned that the products can definitely help the situation become even more successful. I still stand behind my idea that the person selling the products really sets the tone for success, but great products can really push it over the edge. When I decided to go with a particular product, my business grew 4 times over. 

4 – Have A System That Can Be Replicated 

You already have a sales funnel in place. Now you really just need to figure out how to get new leads on a daily basis. This is the common problem for people who join MLM. In fact, about 80% of people struggle at this step. Once they’ve campaigned to friends and family, they don’t know where to turn. To really get the bank processing your payroll, you’ve got to take the dive into the cold market. The cold market is people you don’t know. 

Don’t fear – I’ve got a system that a 7 year old could follow easily. It really isn’t hard, and I teach all of my reps when they sign up. You have to have a simple system so that your team can understand and master it quickly. If they are successful, you are successful. 

Duplication is key if you want to bring in six to seven figures a year. While this may be ‘your’ business, you aren’t alone in it. Your success is highly contingent on the success of your entire team. The bigger the team, the better, so you really have to get great at recruiting and have a system that can be duplicated. 

5 – Teach Your Team 

I automatically send a new member to my MLM a clear and easy to follow welcome letter. As soon as they join, they get the step by step information on how to log on, how to see their website, and how to start getting leads in. That’s all it takes. They don’t need motivational followups once a week, they don’t need to sit in on webinars and rah-rah cheerleading events. I show them what they need to do, and let them run with it. 

If you overwhelm your new people with a bunch of bogus and annoying crap, they are going to get turned off really quickly and not do a thing. You have then not only wasted your time, but wasted the opportunity to really build your success. 

6 – Profit Around The Clock 

While we’ve covered that MLM isn’t like a regular business startup, treat it as such. While you can build your business to being something you work less than an hour a day at, you can’t start it that way. You have to put in a little up front work – but really, it’s just a little compared to the real brick and mortar deal. You have to have a lot of early-on exposure 

Posting your business on Facebook a couple of times a week isn’t going to get the exposure you need. You are going to need to come up with ways for thousands of people to see your business a day for you to get those consistent 20-100 daily leads in. 

You’ll have to advertise and create some online content to get these leads. The great thing about content is that you can make it for free and it will generate your leads for years to come. 

Content Types: 

A. Videos – I personally really like to make videos on YouTube for my business. I don’t just hype my business up each and every time, but instead create tutorials or ‘How To’ videos on building business. Then, at the end of the video, I point viewers to my blog where they can see the opportunities available to them. MLM hype videos aren’t well received on YouTube, so make sure there is some good content in there. 

B. Blogs – This is a long term investment to get content out there, and it could take a couple of years and several articles to see the difference this can make for you, but there is the potential to help your business grow. Keep in mind that it costs a lot to pay writers, so you should probably only choose this route if you like to blog or write, yourself. 

C. Social Media – We live in a social media crazy world. This is the hottest way to get your business out there. I would say that Pinterest and Instagram are probably the best avenues for MLM marketing right now. These are both more visual and that seems to be the best stage for the audience at the moment. 

Frankly, it doesn’t matter too much which platform you go with as long as you dive in and master your choice. Stick through the rough times and even learn all you can about the platform so that you know what will and won’t work. Don’t get caught up in crossing over to each and every option out there. Master one, get it to a successful turnover of leads, then you can venture onto the next. 

Pay For Advertisement In The Early Days 

MLM works on a fast-paced and quickly growing ideal. You have to hit the ground running and be willing to hustle hard that first year. You’ve got to have the ambition and enthusiasm to grow your business very rapidly. You need a massive lead spike and a good number of signups early on. Those signups will then follow suit and you’ll continue to grow and grow. Those new recruits will then get leads and sign-ups and so on. 

To get these early leads, you have to do a little work and pay a little upfront. You will need to create that content – and long-lasting content at that. This is especially true in a huge MLM market like India with many top companies competing. You will also need to do some advertisement. Remember, content is a long term strategy to get leads and advertisement is short term. If you aim to get between 20 and 100 leads a day for a couple of years, you can set yourself up for early retirement after an initial year of 10k income. If you actually get these leads on a consistent basis for that time, you will be able to in 2023 or 2024. 

With these plans in place and by taking those few steps, your team will grow, your business will grow, and thus your bank account will grow. Pretty soon that advertisement investment would have come back tenfold then it won’t even be memorable. 

Here Is What You Need To Do To Make More Money In MLM: 

1 – Generate Consistent Leads 
2 – Have New Reps Sign up 
3 – Teach the Reps the Ropes 
4 – Have Them Teach Their Recruits 

Make Money Year One In MLM 

Your first year will be the toughest to turn a profit, no doubt. Stick it out, though, because MLM can be so rewarding that the first year won’t even be remembered after a few. You may find yourself frustrated since it is a whole other beast from what you are used to. Don’t worry about that too much. You don’t need any high-level degree or even to work all that hard to be successful in network marketing. Your main problem will be with the people – there are always going to be the few that confuse and test you, but power through. 

Don’t pass judgment on those you bring onto your team. You may find someone that you would normally expect little from is your top Rep that makes you major money, while someone who came in highly enthusiastic ends up being unreliable. People are going to constantly surprise you, so give each and everyone the same treatment and expectations. You will only need to find those select few to make your MLM business take off and start posting a profit. 

Best of luck building your big MLM business and making money! 

Erik Christian Johnson

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to make over $10,000 profit in your first year of MLM money making business endeavors.

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