The Transition in Becoming a Supervisor

When you move up into the role of a supervisor, you probably came from the role in which you’re now supervising. If that’s the case, you know all about the job that your co-workers underneath you are tasked with, but it’s the leadership role that’s new to you. It might have seemed like it would be a pretty easy transition. Just make sure that everything runs smoothly, right? That’s the idea, but it sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Supervisors need to be able to communicate effectively, motivate their employees, show authority, and adapt to unprecedented challenges. 

The only thing other than time on the job that can help a supervisor adapt to his or her new role are products that can actually teach them supervisor skills. Companies like HRDQ offer multiple products that can help supervisors succeed in their new role without having to take on a learning curve. Some of the products include: 

• Supervisor skills questionnaire - supervisor skills training 
• Leader manager profile 
• Best boss inventory 
• Flight from savo game 
• Supervising with confidence 
• Stepping up: a road map for new supervisors 
• Managing by motivation 
• It’s okay to be the boss 
• Developing your direct reports 
• Managing offsite employees 
• Managing up 
• Meetings 
• Super manager 
• Toughest supervisor challenges 

These effective products can help teach new supervisors how to use their skills to become great leaders rather than great workers. Because they’re used to being managed by someone else and following instructions rather than giving instruction, it’s important that the transition into authority runs smoothly. 

The product It's Okay to be the Boss is a workshop that you can purchase to help supervisors transitions into engaged, organized, and effective managers. In the products explanation, the workshop is meant to: 

• Help supervisors manage everyday tasks and conduct regular one-one-ones with direct reports 

• Communicate effectively and appropriately while using supportive language 

• Acknowledge workers strengths and weaknesses 

• Teach supervisors how to hold their workers accountable for their actions and work 

• How to be clear and concise with worker expectations by telling workers what they’re supposed to do, how they’re supposed to do it, and when it’s supposed to be finished by 

• How supervisors should monitor and measure employee performance over time 

• How supervisors should solve small problems so that they don’t turn into bigger problems 

• Teach supervisors how to reward good performance and what to do when employees are under-performing 

The product Stepping Up: A Road Map for New Supervisors is a training program that is meant for people in new leadership positions within the workplace. When new supervisors go through the program, they’ll be given an accurate representation of the problems they’re going to face on a day to day basis and how important their approach to such situations is. The program comes with a PowerPoint, CD, and other materials. It also comes with a self-assessment, worksheets, and an action plan for those taking the course. The learning outcomes as describes by the product are: 

 To understand what it really means to take on a supervisory role 

• To develop the skills that are required in order to be a supervisor 

• To learn what principles are eventually needed in order to gain credibility with your workers 

• To understand what real-life concerns, obstacles, or pitfalls are relevant when becoming a supervisor 

• To better work with customers and improve customer experience along with customer life time value.

• To create an action plan on how the new supervisor is going to make decisions and evaluate performance 

Hiring a new supervisor is not something that should be quickly overlooked. They are the critical piece between management and employees. With a breakdown in that link, the entire operation can easily fall apart. Training is a must in just about every role, but supervisors are especially susceptible to failing. Success is a direct product of planning and preparation, so before you or your new supervisor steps into their role, make sure they are equip with the knowledge and information they need to tackle their new position.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to excel in your inevitable transition to becoming a supervisor at work.

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