Earning Microsoft Certification Can Easily Boost Your IT Employability

Microsoft certification boost IT employability

Although Microsoft’s entire journey was marked by a lot of criticism and frequent ups and downs, no one can dispute the enormous impact the company had on the IT world. These days, when the failures like Windows Mobile and Windows are far behind us the Redmond giant looks in better shape than ever. 

What’s even more important, it looks like Microsoft has a pretty good grasp of cloud computing. According to a recent survey, Office 365 now lists more than 155 million subscribers, while the number of Microsoft Teams users sits above 500,000 businesses. 

These numbers are nothing short of impressive and they do create very favorable circumstances for ambitious IT experts to stand out more on the labor market. How successful will they be at it, will largely depend on their official Microsoft Certification. 

What Is Microsoft Certification? 

But, before we see how these written credentials influence your employability let us first see what the document is all about. So, Microsoft Certification is an internationally recognized piece of document that confirms your technical skills in performing certain tasks in one of the Microsoft software platforms. So far, Microsoft offers 250 different types of certificates that can be organized into groups defined by the established Microsoft Job roles: 

● Developer 
● Administrator 
● Solution Architect 
● Data Engineer 
● AI Engineer 
● Data Scientist 
● DevOps Engineer 
● Security Engineer 
● Functional Consultant 

These job roles are scattered across Microsoft technologies like Azure, 365, and power platforms. 

The Benefits Of Getting A Microsoft Certification 

Now that we have a better idea about what official Microsoft certification actually represents, let us take a look at a couple of compelling reasons why you should consider acquiring one and how it can boost your chances of finding a high-paid job. 

Increased Employability 

Any kind of official certification gives your CV enormous padding and in this regard, Microsoft is no different. According to a recent report, 19% of IT professionals were able to find employment after getting certified credentials while the presence of these documents in some cases helped the hiring managers to fill in the vacant positions 25% faster. It should also be pointed out that, being an internationally recognized document official Microsoft certificate opens the doors of the global labor market. 

microsoft certified it career opportunities

A Chance For An Increase In Salary 

Microsoft training programs are designed to foster high-level skill sets that are more than applicable in the real-life business environment. This is why it shouldn't come off as a big surprise that certified IT experts have access to much higher salaries than their peers. Some reports indicate this salary gap amounts to a staggering 20%. If we take a look at the recent documents, the average salaries of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) sit at around $100,000 a year. The highest-paid brackets can expect salaries up to $156,000. 

Access To A Constantly Expanding Labor Market 

We already mentioned that in its decades-long history Microsoft had some gambles that didn’t pay off. If we take a look at the current market outlook, Office 365 and other popular Microsoft services don’t make this list. On the contrary, the cloud-based productivity market is pretty much split between Google and Microsoft, with Office 365 carving out as much as 40.39% of this lucrative cake. And despite such a strong core presence, the latest quarterly reports indicate the product still managed to record a 23% increase in sales. 

All these numbers paint the picture of a booming market where ambitious MS Certified IT professionals won't have any problem finding secure long-term employment. 

Benefits For Employers 

Of course, the story of Microsoft certificates can also be observed from the perspective of the value they bring to the organization. Implementation of the Microsoft training programs in real-life leads to some very tangible benefits: 

Improved productivity – The trained employees are much more capable of using Microsoft’s productivity tools in a fast and efficient manner. 

Uninterrupted team communication – Microsoft Teams is becoming one of the most widely adopted collaboration tools in existence. Leveraging all the benefits of this platform requires some form of professional training. 

High accessibility and security – Microsoft’s cloud tools are fully developed platforms that can be easily accessed from any device and any location in the world. It is also worth mentioning that while you are doing that you are getting top-tier 24/7 protection. 

Keeping all these things in mind, the Microsoft cloud package and the professionals trained to use and administer it can bring tremendous value to the company where they are properly utilized. 

Certification Conclusion 

When all is said and done, we can only conclude that Microsoft cloud tools represent a very powerful online toolkit that will continue to experience considerable growth in the following years. With that in mind, the professionals who decide to obtain an official Microsoft certification should get access to high- paying and secure job positions with a lot of room for advancement. In this day and age, such a proposition does seem very lucrative.

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