The Best Jobs In The UK: Is A Career Change On The Cards?

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The modern world puts a lot of emphasis on being passionate about what you do. You spend day in and day out at your workplace, so why waste this precious time doing something you hate? Well, with so much change occurring right now, there’s no better time than now! 

You may be a furloughed worker looking for a change, or you may be on the hunt for a new job after being made redundant. On the other hand, you may just be done with your current workplace, and seeking an employment contract lawyer to help you out. Whatever your situation, now’s the chance to take a leap of faith, and choose one of the best jobs in the UK. 

We’re not talking about the best jobs in the UK that pay well, as who needs money when you love what you do? Instead, we’re talking about the best jobs 2020 UK can muster, that bring happiness and fulfilment. So, based on a myriad of articles and their results, here are the happiest UK jobs to get into, right here… 

1. Customer Services 

You may be surprised to hear it, but people who work in customer services actually have a really high job satisfaction. This is a curious results, not only due to the emotional difficulty of a role like this, but also the fact that these roles are usually lower paying. 

That said, this just goes to show that happiness doesn’t come from money. Here are a few of the customer services roles with the highest job satisfaction: 

• Hotel Workers, e.g. a Concierge 
• Customer Support Specialist 
• Client Relations 

Obviously this isn’t always the case, as many people work in customer-facing roles as part- time work. That said, one of the best ways to ensure customers are happy is to ensure employees are happy. So, with this in mind, any smart employer should ensure employee satisfaction, right? 

2. Hospital Work 

Right now, we are seeing, up close and personal, what it takes to work within the UK healthcare system. Be it nursing, patient care, surgery, or anything else in between, they really do a phenomenal job. 

But, why do they stay in their job, considering the pain and toil that comes with it? Well, although there are certainly some aspects of the job that they don’t love, most healthcare workers enjoy their job. 

This is down to not only the satisfaction of providing fantastic patient care, but also due to the stimulation the job provides. It keeps them active, it keeps them mentally challenged and, above all, motivated. 

3. Sports And Fitness 

Jobs within the sport and fitness realm have really only come to light as careers in recent decades. With the huge emphasis on fitness and self-improvement these days, roles like Personal Trainer and Nutritionist are becoming increasingly more important. 

These are very niche roles, which means most people are unlikely to pursue them unless they have a passion for it. You have to train or study hard to get good at it, so it’s clear that passion comes first, and the hard work comes second. 

With jobs like this being flexible, pretty high-paying, and passion-driven, it’s no surprise that they garner some of the highest satisfaction. 

4. Marketing And Advertising Roles 

Whether you’re an assistant or manager, marketing roles also show some of the highest rates of job satisfaction. In fact, marketing is now regarded as one of the most competitive jobs out there! 

This comes as no surprise when we consider the importance of advertising through multiple mediums these days. With social media and technology ever-changing and growing, there’s always something new going on. Staying on top of it all is just part of the fun. 

Marketing roles provide it all. They challenge employees to dream up new ways to advertise a company or product, they utilise strategy, they rely on creative minds. Every day will provide something new and exciting to take on, so these are roles for all-rounders. 

5. Landscaping And Gardening 

Another creative role, which also has great job satisfaction, is gardening and landscaping. This doesn’t necessarily require a degree, but rigorous training and a creative eye are part and parcel of this role. With a happy medium between liaising with clients, getting the creative juices flowing, and creating something clients love, it’s no surprise why it’s a winner. 

6. Trades Work 

Another popular career option is trades work, specifically being an electrician or a plumber. This is another field that keeps workers challenged and stimulated, and it’s no wonder, considering the myriad of situations you may end up in. 

In every home, there’s a new set of people with a new set of problems and requirements. The worker must juggle socialising with the client and other workers, with figuring out the problem and fixing it in good time. It’s a balancing act, but full of something new each day. 

7. Engineering Roles 

Engineering work is similarly stimulating for those who have the degrees for it. In fact, surveys have shown that nearly 90 percent of those surveyed would recommend engineering as a career choice. 

Not only are engineering roles mentally stimulating, requiring a mathematical, and somewhat creative, brain, they are also extremely flexible. For a role that could take you anywhere in the world, and would be different day in and day out, what’s not to love? 

8. IT Work 

For those who are skilled in the world of computers and coding, getting an IT job can yield fantastic job satisfaction. In a job like this, you are able to exercise your fantastic and sought-after skills and talent every day. Some great choices for IT whizzes include: 

• DevOps Engineers 
• IT Consultants 
• Software Engineers 
• Web Developers 

The list goes on, but these are just some examples to get you in-the-know. Each day will bring new challenges, for sure, but having a mind for it makes this all the more stimulating. 

9. Recruitment 

This may seem like a strange one, but the fact that this is a popular career choice makes a lot of sense. Recruiters get to use their judgement and expertise to match the correct candidates with the right roles. 

Then, they get the opportunity to liaise with fresh-faced individuals who are keen to seek a job. Providing the endless pool of talent with these opportunities has got to be satisfying. 

This sort of role is fast-paced, results driven, and provides opportunity for rapid career growth. What’s more, on top of all this, the commission-based salary also adds that incentive to do more, and see results. For many graduates, this is the ideal sort of role, and something which gives them high job satisfaction. 

10. Teaching 

Finally, and certainly not least, is teaching. Looking back on your time as a student, I’m sure you must think that you made your teachers’ lives miserable. There’s no denying that you probably did some days. 

But, it seems these downs were completely outweighed by the ups of a teaching job. There are so many reasons why teaching jobs are so popular. Some of these include: 

• Making a difference to pupils’ lives 
 The flexibility to work anywhere 
 Doing the subject you love, every day 
 Fantastic job security 

The list goes on… 

Fancy Applying For One Of The Best Jobs In The UK? 

So, there we have it; some of the best jobs in the UK, and perhaps even the best jobs in the world. Although there are many lists online showing you the highest paying jobs, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t equate to happiness. Job satisfaction is, after all, what keeps people happy and content. 

What do you think of our list of the best UK jobs? Do you work in any of these professions, and feel satisfied in your role? Or, do you think a career change is on the cards to become the happiest version of yourself?

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