Could Social Media Be Damaging Your Career?

The 21st Century brought with it what has become known as the biggest social phenomenon of our time, that of social media

It is almost impossible to remember how we used to function without the option to tweet or Snapchat about our daily lives. How did we communicate before friend requests and was the only way to keep up with current affairs really to buy a newspaper?

It was not possible to find and share information on just about anything. For example, budding entrepreneurs were able to dip into social media for advice on securing finances for their start-up businesses. It was all there, information on everything from how to secure commercial real estate loans to advertising your business, to hiring your workforce. 

Today’s social media savvy world is almost unrecognizable from that of years gone by. As online social networking platforms exploded onto our computer and smartphone screens so too the world became a much smaller place, and with every online action leaving an imprint on our digital footprint we have never been more exposed. Social media pioneers such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were soon followed by a host of others, Instagram, Snapchat and Flickr to name but a few. All offered new, unique and exciting ways to communicate via their individual platforms. 

But when using any type of social media it is important to be aware of our digital footprint, that is the trail or ‘footprint’ of personal information that we unwittingly leave behind every time that we are active online. Each time that we register for a forum, send an attachment or upload an image, we are leaving behind traces of personal information about ourselves which are subsequently available to others online. 

For this reason alone it is vital to stay safe online, here are some hints on how to do just that: 

1. Think of social media as an extension of your CV. In other words, if you wouldn’t put it on your CV you probably shouldn’t post it! 

2. Keep your posts tame. Candidates who are actively seeking employment have been known to suspend or delete their social media accounts to avoid prospective employers getting the wrong impression! 

3. Beware of online rants.An expletive-laden rant will only reflect badly and could come back to haunt you. There are too many case studies out there of people getting fired or audited and the examples grow daily. 

4 Use privacy settings wisely and keep your profiles private. It’s easy to do and prevents unwanted attention. Be on the lookout for fake or impersonating profiles on Facebook or other social media platforms that could wreak havoc on your brand or online reputation. 

Stay secure and beware of online payments

5 Take care when posting photographs and don’t overshare. A well-chosen picture can enhance your profile and give employers a real insight into your personality. They probably don’t want to see footage from your best mate’s hen do! 

6. Finally, remember that potential employers are probably looking at social media just like you. Keep details of forthcoming interviews etc. private, and never bad mouth a company. And remember that used wisely, social media will be your friend. However use it carelessly, and it could damage your reputation or your career beyond repair.

I hope you enjoyed this article about social media potentially damaging your career or online reputation.

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