How to Prepare for EC-Council CEH 312-50 Exam

how to prepare ec-councel ceh 312-50 exam certified ethical hacker test study guide

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a very popular certification used by security professionals. The certificate is offered by EC-Council. It is the worldwide leader in the InfoSec certification programs.The CEH credential contains 18 core segments. The complete layout of the security modules ranges from an introduction to securing and hacking of web servers. Below, there is the list of the CEH segments: 

Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Sections

1. Introduction to hacking 
2. Hacking web applications 
3. Foot printing and reconnaissance 
4. Scanning networks 
5. Enumeration 
6. Hacking mobile platforms 
7. System hacking 
8. Malware threats 
9. Cloud computing 
10. Session hijacking 
11. Denial of service 
12. SQL injection 
13. Sniffing 
14. Social engineering 
15. Hacking web servers 
16. Hacking wireless networks 
17. Evading IDS, firewalls, and honeypots 
18. Cryptography 

In the following discussion, we will go through the tips for passing the CEH exam and various details for the eligibility criteria. 

CEH 312-50: Details 

The EcCouncil CEH Certification Dumps consist of 125 questions. The duration of the test is 4 hours. It will cost you $500 through EC-Council and $600 through Pearson VUE. You will find more details at the EC-Council website, which is recommended to check. 

Before taking the exam, a person is advised to take the training for this test. In case the official training isn't attended, the candidates are supposed to pay an extra $100 for eligibility application and will have to present records of a minimum of two years of experience in information security. If these documents are not given, the individuals are expected to send a request to check on the basis of educational background. 

The applicants might face requests for more information. If the applicant does not respond within 90 days, the form will be rejected, and the procedure will have to be started from scratch. 

The EC-Council contacts the referrals officially through the applications form. The average response time for applications is 5-10 days. The EC-Council gives three months for the applications that are approved. After approval, the candidates are required to buy their vouchers from the store. A newly bought voucher is valid for one year. For problems related to vouchers, contact the department of finance.After the purchase of voucher, people are sent their vouchers and their codes that get them registered for the test. However, if the student is not approved, the $100 fee is not refunded.Those individuals who finish their training need to give proof of their attendance while applying for the exam directly. 

CEH 312-50: Tips and Techniques 

The tips given below will help you pass the 312-50 exam. These have been compiled from official sources. 

• Begin your study with the blueprint of the CEH exam. The official blueprint page has the relevant documents of CEH. These include handbook, eligibility criteria, blueprint, FAQs for the test, course outline, and exam details. 

 Practice and learn. This will help you increase your grasp on concepts and will help you develop critical thinking skills to answer the multiple-choice questions. 

 Calculate your progress with quizzes and tests. Practice tests are presented online. They will help you measure your preparation and will suggest solutions for your weaknesses. 

 Get in contact with the CEH community. Look for the CEH forums and blogs where people globally share their experiences about the 312-50 exam. Remember the shared tips and knowledge shared on these platforms while attempting the test. Some top forums include Tech exams, CEH forum, CCCure forum, and Break the Security. 

 Know what to study. Ranging from the intro to topics like cryptography, the modules cover an extensive amount of content. To study properly, find out what to study in each category. 

 Familiarize yourself with the exam. Knowing about the structure, content, and type of exam is very important. The test is made of 125 multiple-choice questions that one is expected to answer within 4 hours. You can find study materials on Amazon. You could also use:Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Guide (All-in-one) by Matt Walker and Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Preparation by Michael Gregg. 

 Take the training course. You can take the official training course at the EC-Council website that are authorized in your area. It will assist you to prepare for the actual exam. The cost can vary from area to area depending on the charging routines and currency. 

CEH Conclusion 

To conclude, the CEH 312-50 exam is the best method and approach to get any practical and theoretical knowledge. Practicing and learning will allow you to get a grip and hold on concepts that are critical for working out ways to attempt the exam properly. The roadmap to completing the CEH certification begins with an application procedure. You get to choose in between two options for preparing: you can attend the training (official) from any registered course center or you can choose to study independently. At the end of the learning time, you will need to give proof of your training attendance while you apply for the certified ethical hacker exam. However, if you do not do so, provide at least a two-year record for prior experience in information security. 

If you fail, request for reviewing an application on the basis of educational background. Study hard, concentrate, do not lose your focus, plan your study, and use good resources to become a helpful ethical hacker. You will pass the 312-50 exam. Best of luck and don't forget to study hard to become a certified ethical hacker in 2023 or 2024!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to study for the EC-Council CEH 312-50 test without paying additional fees or wasting time.

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