5 Ways Technological Advancements Are Reshaping Education

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Throughout history, formal education seems to have remained unchanged for the most part. The teacher stands in front of a group of students, and makes their presentation on a subject. This ubiquitous concept has prevailed over the centuries as it really is the most efficient way for information to travel from the teacher to the pupil. But is it the most effective way? Certainly not. 

For decades now, researchers, prominent writers, cognitive scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and experienced lecturers have all advocated for the total and complete reformation of the educational system, pointing out its inherent flaws and inefficacy. Until recently, though, such an undertaking was more wishful thinking than a viability. 

Until, that is, advanced technology started to take over every industry and weave its way into the daily life of every profession, including education. Here’s how technological advancements are reshaping the learning process. 

A Personalized Approach To Measuring Learner Progress 

Artificial intelligence is the way of the future, and in fact, it has become an inextricable part of the present. From smartphones to smart homes, we have grown accustomed to AI companionship throughout out life’s journey, and the modern classroom is quickly adopting the same mindset. One prominent benefit of AI integration into the schooling system is its ability to adjust to the individual in every possible way. 

This means that AI is capable of taking a more personalized approach to measuring learner progress with accuracy and speed, allowing the teacher to adapt to their needs, or employ other forms of learning methods that will help the pupil catch up. In turn, this will allow the student to fill their knowledge gaps quickly and effectively. 

Filling Knowledge Gaps Without Hindering Others 

One of the many problems with the modern educational system is not the lack of information or course structure, but the way this structure is applied to the individual and the way information is made to affect a group rather than the said individual. In other words, through standardized learning, the educational system is applying the same methods to everyone, thus making it nearly impossible for individual students to learn at their own pace without hindering the progress of the group. 

In turn, this not only impairs their performance, but also their self-esteem and long-term psychological well-being. That said, artificial intelligence aims to fix the problem by quickly discovering the student’s pain points and restructuring the curriculum in such a way that it effectively fills their knowledge gap in a short timeframe, allowing them to keep up with the rest and pass the final exam. 

Diversifying The Learning Process 

One of the greatest benefits of technology in the educational sector is that it allows for the diversification of the teaching as well as the learning process. While information used to be stored almost exclusively in textbooks and personal notes from classes, nowadays AI is making it possible to transform content from the literary to the visual or vocal form, and vice versa. The popularization of AI-driven transcription and the rise of many an innovative academic transcription company in the educational sphere is finally making real-time transcription a reality, allowing students with disabilities as well as those without learning impairments to consume content in a way that suits them best. In turn, this further drives the concept of personalization, but also creates a more welcoming and engaging learning environment for all. 

Introducing Immersive Technology Into The Classroom 

Another major benefit, and long-term goal, of technology is to create a more immersive learning experience for the digital learner. This becomes a necessity rather than a fun way to make the classroom a more interesting place for students, as there is a need for the educational system to answer the problem of the deteriorating attention spans in an efficient and effective way. 

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, all of these technological advancements aim to reinvent the concept of the classroom by taking the student on an interactive learning journey. This could mean using virtual reality to take the classroom into an outdoor setting such as the woods, or even allow students to examine the subject matter up close and personal – just imagine the immersive capabilities of technology when it comes to deeply complex subjects such as astronomy or biology. 

Reducing The Overall Costs Of Education 

Getting into a good school costs money. Likewise, teaching a classroom of students and running a successful educational institution such as an Ivy League school costs millions of dollars on an annual basis. However, with the inherent flexibility, accessibility, and efficiency of tech-driven education, all stakeholders stand to benefit from using artificial intelligence and other solutions to share information and retain knowledge. Outside of the college classroom, advanced tech solutions can pinpoint structural, organizational, and financial problems and resolve them in a way that benefits the student, the teacher, as well as the institution. 

In Conclusion 

The modern educational system is everything but modern. Rather, it has been stagnating for centuries, waiting for the inevitable technological revolution that will take the system into the new millennium. With technology reshaping modern education, we can finally provide students and teachers with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the ways that technological advancements are reshaping education and changing learning.

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