10 High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling

high paying medical jobs with little schooling top 10 career opportunities

Eventually, everyone gets sick. Unfortunately nowadays it is more common than ever before, but sometimes that is actually good news for the healthcare industry.

The medical field is ripe with jobs, especially after recent events. Every town needs a hospital. Being a doctor is a great choice if that career path appeals to you. 

If it doesn't, you can still work in the health care industry. There are many career options that pay well and don't require significant schooling. 

Keep reading to learn about 10 top high paying medical jobs with little schooling you might be interested in for 2024 and beyond. 

10 Highest Paying Medical Jobs With Minimal Education Requirements

1. Nurse 

You can become a registered nurse with an associate's degree. This can be completed in just two years. 

As a nurse, you will be on the front line of patient care. 

Nurses are in high demand across the country. If you decide that you want to go further in your career, you can always to opt for more schooling later on by getting an advanced degree like a master of science in nursing education

2. Medical Assistant

Nurses and medical assistants spend most of their time seeing patients and doing procedures. A hospital patient is likely to see their medical assistant far more often than their doctor. 

People who love spending time with and caring for others can shine in this role. A medical assistant may also work with patient paperwork. A college degree is helpful but not required. 

The median salary for medical assistants in 2024 is $35,500. 

3. Medical Secretary 

Every medical clinic and hospital needs someone to handle administrative tasks. Seeing patients creates a lot of paperwork. In addition, the staff needs to keep track of patient appointments and billing information. This can also be accomplished working remotely as a virtual medical receptionist.

A medical secretary might only deal with patients when they are checking in for their appointment. 

4. Dental Hygienist 

Being a private dental hygienist is a very rewarding, low-stress job. You can become certified as a dental hygienist in less than two years. 

Your role will be to educate patients about proper oral health. You will show them how to brush their teeth, advise them on their questions, etc. 

You will be asked to do things like manage teeth cleanings, take x-rays, and help the dentist during procedures. People like this dental job because it is a very busy role with good pay and a lot of social interaction. Check out this dental assistant school in Arizona if you want to get started.

5. Ultrasound Technician

Expectant mothers use an ultrasound to look at their growing babies. Other patients might need an ultrasound to look at another part of their bodies. 

An ultrasound technician helps doctors and patients. You can start your career in less than two years if you work hard. 

A senior technician could easily make six-figures or more in some markets. 

It is a great job because it is fairly low-stress. Even if the patient is going to get bad news, it won't be up to you to deliver it. 

6. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacists need help just like doctors. Running a pharmacy take a lot of work, especially in a busy city. A pharmacy tech will help with tasks like dispensing medication to patients and dealing with paperwork. 

This is a good job if you like routine. Most of your day-to-day tasks will be very similar. 

Sometimes people decide to work as pharmacy technicians while they decide if they want to be pharmacists or not. Pharmacy school is a big investment. There is no point in going into major student debt if you are not going to use the degree. 

If you want to increase your chances of having a successful career, find the right training program. This program gives you the hands-on experience needed to stand out.

Working as a pharmacy tech gives you a feel for the work and lets you know if you would be good at it. 

7. Medical Coder 

Medical insurance is extremely complicated. Often, patients don't understand their benefits themselves. Or the insurance company might decide to push back against covering a treatment. 

Dealing with insurance companies is a full-time job. You need experience before you'll start making much money, but you don't need to go to school for a long time. 

You should be extremely organized. You also need to be very comfortable with numbers and dealing with data. If you're not interested in looking at spreadsheets, this might not be the best career for you.

8. Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapy is a growing field. People really want to connect with their bodies, especially after an accident. 

As a physical therapy assistant, you'll help patients run through exercises set by the main therapist. It's very encouraging work because you'll get to see your patients' improvement. You might have the same patients for years. 

It's a very physical job, so you should be in reasonable shape. You'll have to stand and move around a lot. You should also be able to speak to people as they are healing from their injuries. 

A physical therapy assistant works very closely with patients. A poor bedside manner will lead to complaints so if you want to pursue this career you should be passionate and empathetic as you help patients rehab. 

9. Veterinarian Technician

Do you love animals? Then you might enjoy being a veterinarian technician. Your entire role will be to help the furry patients that come into the clinic each day. There are many career opportunities as veterinarians or vet techs which you can find on Veterinary Jobs. You also have the opportunity to work in a variety of locations with many different types of animals.

Unlike human beings, animals won't even attempt to be polite. They'll scratch you, bite you, puke on you. If you're not prepared to be covered in cat vomit, this job will be a struggle. 

However, if you enjoy spending time with animals, working in a veterinarian office can be really satisfying. You can feel as though you're making a difference in the animals' lives. 

A veterinarian technician is a highly in-demand career in the medical profession. Most people in America have a pet, so there are veterinarians everywhere that need your professional skills. 

10. Laboratory Technician 

People who love science might be interested in a job in a laboratory. All of the blood, urine, etc. samples ordered by doctors need to be analyzed. 

You may not have any patient contact at all if you work in a lab. Depending on your personality, this is an advantage or a drawback. 

You get to perform science experiments as though you're back in school. If you never enjoyed chemistry class, you should really think about if a career as a medical lab technician is the right path for you. 

Another Income Option For Healthcare Students And Graduates 

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Finding High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling 

Are you looking to jump into a good healthcare career? It is a good idea to think about the medical field. You can find enjoyable, high paying medical jobs with little schooling required. You don't have to go to med school to cash in on healthcare careers.

For some top medical careers, you might still need to complete a training program. You can research this medical career information before you get started for 2024 or beyond. 

Keep reading our blog for more valuable business and career advice. We have a wide variety of articles on medical devices, medtech, healthcare, and health insurance. 

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