Does Google+ Still Work For Social Media Marketing?

A lot of people roll their eyes or even laugh when I mention still using Google Plus daily for social media marketing and SEO purposes. Obviously it never materialized into the top social media platform that it hoped to be when it started out in 2011. But that doesn't mean it still isn't worth utilizing. In fact I wrote an in-depth article about why Google+ is still worth using, even if for just minor benefits. But now again in 2018 I posed this question to 8 other marketers and SEO professionals from around the world. I wanted to know what they thought about Google Plus still being used in modern marketing. Here is what they had to say:

Response #1: Yes

Yes, I think Google+ is on spot for social marketing. You just have to select communities and groups on where to share and engage on your products and services based on your target. Aside from social media you can try to look at a full multi-channel marketing campaign that involves telemarketing, email, online, socials and mobile dev applications if you’re looking at a good ROI on prospecting new clients. 

Response #2: Yes

Yes indeed! While Google Plus’ results have been overall much less satisfactory when compared to other social media platforms, it still hosts several thriving online communities, especially when it comes to English-language ones. Therefore, if your target audience speaks English, I think you should give G+ a second chance.

Response #3: Yes

Absolutely I do. It has a niche following with high level influencers. An amazing source of content. Strong communities. SEO advantages with the all important Google My Business.

Response #4: Yes

Absolutely use Google Plus. I am extremely active on G+ for promoting my YouTube content. The reality is social posting takes very little time and to have a Google PR ranking on any of your content is always a great SEO boost.

Response #5: No

Over the years I have actually never tried Google+ for social media marketing. Most of traffic I get from LinkedIn + Instagram + Pinterest + Twitter + Facebook. May be I’ll check it as an option in the future to supplement my existing strategy.

Response #6: No

A couple years ago I had stopped posting to G+ as I unfortunately found no action or interaction. However I might reconsider it in the near future since other platforms are so congested.

Response #7: Yes

I use Google+ religiously for social selling! I love how it’s paid off for my clients.

Response #8: No

I haven't used it in years because I stopped getting any real benefits from it for myself and clients.

Over half of those surveyed were positive responses from social media marketers, agency owners, and SEO experts. And, although it was 2-3 years ago in his book #AskGaryV, Gary Vaynerchuk said that Google+ was still worth using and it was such a small time commitment that it would be lazy and wasteful not to use it. Times have changed a little bit with Snapchat and Instagram but I still agree with that rationale. Overall, if you're still not using Google+, it might be worth investing the 10-30 minutes per month to reap some of the benefits.

Update: Google+ has admitted defeat and will be sunsetting in August 2019 due to lower user engagement and data liability.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why Google+ still could be of use in your social media marketing repertoire.

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