3 Tips For Commanding More Respect At Work

tips commanding more respect at work

A clear lack of respect is among many people’s foremost workplace stressors. No matter how many professional and/or academic accomplishments one has under their belt, a lack of respect from bosses and coworkers can make them feel unaccomplished, undervalued and completely dispassionate about their job. While it can’t be denied that some workplaces foster atmospheres of disdain and disrespect, commanding more respect and recognition in your place of business may not be as difficult as you think – provided, of course, you have the right tips at the ready. 

1. Speak Up When Expectations Become Unrealistic 

Unrealistic and/or unreasonable expectations on the part of bosses can be a major contributor to job stress. So, if you feel that you’re consistently expected to go above and beyond the call of duty, it’s in your best interest to speak up. For example, if you’re regularly saddled with workloads that are unmanageable or deadlines that are out of step with the scope of your projects, mounting stress levels and professional burnout are likely to follow. 

While some bosses have no regard for workers as people, others genuinely don’t recognize when employees are feeling overwhelmed, overworked or generally unappreciated – and speaking up is necessary for making them understand. So, if you’ve never expressed concerns over unrealistic deadlines or unreasonable workloads, you shouldn’t expect your bosses to be able to read your mind. Instead, take care to vocalize your concerns in a polite but firm manner. You may be genuinely surprised by how receptive your bosses are to your suggestions and how willing they are to amend their expectations. 

2. Don’t Become A Doormat To Your Coworkers 

Getting along with the people you work with is important in any job. Needless to say, spending five days a week around people you don’t particularly like can be emotionally draining. However, while you should certainly strive to get along with your coworkers, you shouldn’t allow yourself to become a doormat. For instance, if any of your coworkers have a habit of saddling you with work that’s been assigned to them, this behavior shouldn’t be allowed to go unchallenged. Being there for one another is perfectly natural for close-knit groups of coworkers, but if certain people consistently refuse to do their fair share, it can be a detriment to productivity and your employer’s bottom line. Furthermore, if one person is expected to pick up the slack for everyone else’s lack of effort, this individual is not being valued or respected by the rest of the team. 

Saying no to people with whom you want to get along can be difficult, particularly for lifelong people-pleasers. However, if you continue allowing yourself to be unfairly taken advantage of, you’re liable to have even more work foisted on you. With this in mind, make a point of speaking up and setting clear boundaries with coworkers – even the ones you consider friends. While it’s fine to help them out on occasion, being saddled with their responsibilities on a regular basis is not something you should stand for – and if their irresponsibility has a detrimental impact on projects, they should be the ones who deal with the fallout. 

3. Continue Your Education 

If a lack of respect in the workplace has helped you decide that it’s time for a full-on career change, consider continuing your education. Depending on the field you’re interested in transitioning to, you may need to earn a whole new degree to qualify for the type of position you hope to occupy and the type of salary you hope to earn. Luckily, with many highly-rated colleges – like Daniels College of Business – offering online degree programs, returning to school in the digital age needn’t be an unreasonable drain on your time. These programs offer students the flexibility to earn advanced degrees without turning their daily lives upside down, which is particularly helpful for people who wish to keep their current jobs while continuing their education. 


It’s not hard to see why so many members of the workforce feel disrespected in their jobs. Whether it’s bosses making unreasonable demands or coworkers foisting their responsibilities on you, the modern workplace has no shortage of disrespect. Instead of allowing such mistreatment to continue, it’s in your best interest to command respect from your bosses and peers – and with the previously discussed pointers at your disposal, this shouldn’t prove terribly difficult. Now is the time to get the respect you deserve in the workplace!

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