Studying Your MBA In Rotterdam

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So, you have decided to go back to school to brush up on your business skills. Well done mate! That is a good move for your business or career growth. 

You're currently searching through the web to find some of the best business schools around the world to apply to. Might I suggest applying to Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) at Erasmus University? RSM is one of the best business schools in Europe and graduating with their international MBA will open doors for you anywhere you go around the globe. What to know more about why to choose Rotterdam? Here are my top 5 reasons to study there. 

1. Erasmus University has been consistently ranked among the top 100 institutions in the world. That statement alone is a good enough reason to want to study at this prestigious university. When you enroll in this university you’re certain that you’ll get the best education that will propel you to greater heights in business or career. Their Business and Management and Accounting and Finance courses, for example, were ranked number one in the 2018 QS World University Rankings by Subject. 

2. Located in the second largest city in the Netherlands the Rotterdam Business School is in a vibrant and multicultural city. There are actually more than 170 nationalities in Rotterdam. You will, therefore, be part of a global community and get to interact with people from many different cultures and background and learn a lot from them. 

3. The university has a number of famous alumni in its global network of over 120,000 former students. Some of the notable alumni include: 

· Former EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes 
· Netherlands former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers 
· Economic Science Noble Prize winner Jan Tinbergen 
· Former Shell CEO Cor Herkströter 

4. As a student, you’ll be learning and networking with future world leaders, top researchers or economists. This is a good opportunity to build strong relationships with some of the brightest minds and people aiming to achieve great success. 

5. The city is strategically located. From Rotterdam, you can easily travel to other European cities. When you’re not hitting the books you can get on a train, bus or tram and take a quick trip to cities like Paris, Brussels, London or The Hague. If you have always dreamt of touring Europe you can affordably do so while studying at Rotterdam. 

If you decide to do your MBA at Rotterdam you can apply to get accommodation on campus or find your own accommodation off campus. 

Finding accommodation off campus can be difficult if you have never been to the city before. It would be therefore to seek help for online platforms like HousingAnywhere where you can search for rooms and apartments for students in Rotterdam. Such a service will make it easier for you to find accommodation before you move to your new destination. 


Moving to a new city can be challenging and you might even experience some culture shock. But the people in Rotterdam are so welcoming and if you go there with an open mind you will adapt to their lifestyle in no time. All the best in your business studies!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to study for your MBA in Rotterdam Netherlands to get your business degree.

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