5 Ways To Get A World-Class Business Education

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In today's world, all business is simultaneously global and local. Knowing how to remain competitive within the global economy, while being effective locally, is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. Choosing a graduate program that will provide you with the foundation for local success in the global marketplace is no easy task. Fortunately, there are five ways to get a world-class Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. 

1. One-Year Full Time MBA Program 

There are multiple MBA graduate programs yet not all programs are created equally, nor do they all provide you with the same advantages or experience. For example, if you are looking for a MBA graduate programs in Utah, you want look for a college or university that will give you the credibility that you need to secure gainful employment, while providing you with the opportunities to build a world-class business portfolio. 

Your comprehensive curriculum should include at least a little bit of management, marketing, social media, finance, sales, public relations, leadership, psychology, and plenty of other coursework to give you a well-rounded skillset. 

2. Two-Year Dual Enrollment Program - MBA and Masters of Human Resources

Human Resources is one of the most critical departments in any business, not only because the largest expense in a business is labor, but also because the largest asset in a business is the people. HR professionals must be fluent in recruiting, vetting, and hiring applicants who will fit into the culture and vision of the company, as well as offer extraordinary value for their wages. They must also be fluent in compensation and benefits, training and maintaining quality employees, and in the myriad of laws which govern the employment of human capital. 

Organizational development with an eye on the mission and vision of the company is a critical role that the HR department manages for the company as well. The 2-year full-time MBA graduate program provides an action-packed opportunity to build your skills as an HR professional as quickly as possible. 

3. Two-Year Dual Enrollment Program - MBA of Information Systems Management 

Every business depends upon their Information Systems (IS) department for fast, reliable access to critical communication and data. Regardless of whether the small business only has a single IS employee, or an entire department, IS management is a challenging, fast-paced position. 

With the dual degree programs, you gain experience building those soft skills which are critical in keeping up to speed on IT networking, information security, data management, and systems integration areas. Research and professional networking are vital for the IS manager on both the intra-organizational and global levels. This dual degree program brings the business expertise and couple big data understanding to real-world scenarios in order to build expertise and professionalism. 

4. Professional Evening and Weekend Program 

Working professionals in this program attend courses over the weekend and are able to bring that knowledge into their business environments immediately. Through exposure to experts and research on best practices in local and global businesses, students achieve workplace leadership skills and mastery of the material through interactive dialogic learning. This program runs in multiple places and is designed for working professionals who either meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or on the weekends. 

5. Executive MBA Shingo Program 

Designed for current business executives, the Executive MBA program brings 27 years of experience to the classroom so that students can bring the Shingo Model to their boardrooms. 

The Shingo Model focuses on creating an organizational culture of whole enterprise excellence. By examining their current organization through the Shingo Model, students are able to develop new approaches to value creation within their organizations. 


Selecting an MBA program which will provide you with the quality of education needed to compete in today's world is critical to your success. 

The reality is that all businesses are simultaneously local and global, and your MBA program should bring the best of both worlds together in a world-class education.

I hope you enjoyed this article about some great options to get a world class business education, besides the Bootstrap Business school of hard knocks!

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