Reasons to Personalize Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Everybody thinks that they can run a successful digital marketing campaign. Because there are so many people that you can reach, people seem to think that it’s a numbers game and if you put enough posts out there, you’re bound to see a return. That’s completely false and it’s a common digital marketing mistake that people make. Precisely because there are so many people out there, people are less likely to engage with you because they can always go somewhere else. People aren’t going to be drawn in by a faceless company. If you want to hook people, you need to think of your social media presence as a person. A very real person with a personality that people can engage with. 

Have A Voice

In order to give the illusion that your social media presence is a person in itself, you need to have a distinct voice. If you are always using overly formal language and industry specific terms, you’ll come across more like a robot than a person. It’s also important that you keep it natural, if you start trying to use loads of slang terms, you’ll just embarrass yourself. Companies can help you to find the voice that is suitable for your business. Once you’ve found your own personal voice, you need to make sure that you keep it consistent so that you don’t break the illusion that your social media presence is a real person. 


Showing off about your past success is a brilliant way to convince customers that you’re the right company for them. You can do this on your social media by presenting your prowess in the form of a person's memories. Reminiscing about things that the company has done in the past makes for interesting posts that are also pushing your expertise at the same time. These memories help to round out the personality that you’re trying to create. 


Humor is increasingly becoming an important part of social media campaigns because it’s one of the easiest ways to inject a bit of personality into your posts. Campaigns that make people laugh are more likely to go viral and get you widespread publicity. However, you need to be careful. A company that is trying too hard will just be incredibly cringe-worthy, and customers hate a business that is being too pushy. Try to be funny, but only post things that come naturally. 


Boring, informational posts about your latest products aren’t going to catch the eye. People will scroll right past them without even reading it because they know you’re trying to sell something to them. The way to hook people and ensure that they continue reading your posts is to build a narrative. Presenting the information in a story format, in the way that a person would tell you something, is far more engaging than spammy advertising posts. 

If you treat your social media presence as a person, customers will feel that they’ve engaged with you on a more personal level and they’re more likely to trust you.

I hope you enjoyed this article about personifying your social media marketing campaigns for optimal success.

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