Anchored Booths vs. Portable Seating: Which Style is Better?

When choosing restaurant seats for your business, you can either have portable furniture or anchored booths. Obviously, portable furniture can be moved around easily. The tables and chairs are separate pieces. You can move them from one corner of the restaurant to another any time you want. Anchored booths are fixed in one corner. The seats are facing each other with the table in the middle. 

There are plenty of great restaurant booth seating as well as portable seating options. You can even have both in your restaurant depending on the availability of space. Let us take a closer look at each choice and their pros and cons. 

Portable Furniture 

Ease of arranging it is the main reason for choosing this type of seating. You can move the furniture around if you want to revamp the overall look of the restaurant. Another reason is that there are instances in which you have a large group dining in your restaurant. If there is no particular table that could fit them all in, portable furniture can be placed together to accommodate all of them. 

This type of furniture also works well if you have limited space. It can be anywhere in the restaurant. It can even be placed outdoors, depending on the type of material used for the furniture. The downside is that you have to arrange it well if you want it to look appealing. Otherwise, from the outside, it will look like regular furniture that is found in any other restaurant. 

Anchored Booths 

They are becoming more popular for dining related businesses these days especially since people want more privacy. Couples want to spend time without feeling that there are a lot of other people around them. Diners also don’t feel the hustle and bustle going on in the restaurant if they are secluded in a booth. They feel like they are in a totally different area. The booths are homier. From outside, people can see that there is a booth where they can sit comfortably. This makes them feel enticed to come in and give the restaurant a try. For business owners, it is a good thing. 

The downside is that booths take up space. Even if you can place them in a corner, you need to have a fixed area just for them. Smaller restaurants can’t have booths. Also, as they are anchored, once placed, they will be there permanently. Despite that, people still prefer booths and it is highly encouraged to use them. 

In the end, both seating options are great. You don’t have to choose if you can use both. The booths can be anchored at the side while the portable furniture is in the middle or even outdoors. It is just a matter of how you move them around and arrange them in such a way that diners will feel at home the moment they step inside. They will most likely come back and patronize your business if they were satisfied in the first place. Having the right equipment for your business will always be an important factor for long lasting success.

I hope you enjoyed this article about whether you should choose anchored booths or portable seating in your restaurant business.

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