How To Throw An Office Party Your Employees Will Love

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The stereotypical office party has become somewhat of a cliché, used as a basis for numerous jokes and often portrayed as an awkward workplace obligation that everyone dreads attending. However, there are still reasons why this tradition persists, many of them rooted in the sociological benefits of group celebrations. When we come together to celebrate joint achievements, or simply to celebrate our relationships to one another, we strengthen our bonds and we become more unified as a team. We also reduce the levels of stress and increase the contentment, while breaking up the monotony of our daily work lives with something new, exciting and fun that can promote motivation and creativity within the company. So, here are some simple ways to make your office celebration a meaningful and enjoyable event for everyone involved: 

Choose A Convenient Date And Location 

In order to ensure your company’s party is a happy and pleasant affair, make sure to give your employees adequate advance notice of when and where the party will be held, and ask them to save the date. Consider holding the party during office hours, in order to avoid competing with other events and obligations your staffers may have. If your goal is to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work, do them a favor by making it as easy as possible to get to the office party and choose a location close to the office, such as a local restaurant or function hall. If you decide to hold the party in the office, try to do it in an area that is exclusive to social gatherings and make sure all the office paraphernalia is cleared away beforehand. 

Offer Great Food Options 

Being generous with your employees through exquisite food is an excellent way of showing appreciation. Apart from the well-known fact that eating improves your mood and makes you feel great, just the simple act of sharing a meal together can strengthen the bond between you and your employees and reinforce your commitment to one another. So, be sure to hire a great event catering company that will provide you with amazing food options, suitable for all dietary needs and preferences, in order to ensure each member of your staff is happy and content with the wonderful food options. 

Provide Stress-Relieving Activities 

If there is some existing tension between coworkers or high levels of stress in the office, the company party could be a seriously uncomfortable affair. However, simple activities, such as playing music, providing board games, dancing, karaoke or sharing stories, could help break the ice and raise the overall office morale. Remember that the point is never to force your employees to do certain things they don’t feel comfortable doing, but rather to give them a chance to release stress, elevate their mood and connect with each other on a deeper emotional level, as research has shown that people who laugh together and experience positive events together grow closer to one another. 

Celebrate Your Employees 

The office party is a perfect opportunity to thank your colleagues and employees, and show them just how much you appreciate their dedication, hard work and accomplishments. This is quite a meaningful gesture, as one study suggests that almost 80 percent of workers who quit their jobs cited being underappreciated as their main reason, while other research has found that showing appreciation can motivate employees even more than promotions or salary increases. That is why the best idea would be to give an appreciation speech at your company party. However, always remember that the best, most effective speeches are genuine, brief and to the point, so try to keep your remarks to a few minutes and make every word count. 

Make Celebration A Regular Occurrence 

While office parties are always a good idea, they shouldn’t be the only event that celebrates your team’s achievements. Frequent and more immediate praise has a very large impact on worker morale, significantly increasing productivity, while expressing gratitude to one another strengthens bonds, motivation and loyalty. Therefore, try to find reasons to throw parties or do fun activities together all year round, make time in your team meetings to acknowledge and affirm one another, and establish ongoing practices for recognizing the contributions of your employees. Creating a culture of celebration in your company is an incredibly efficient way of building a strong, committed and high-performing team, and it will also help make your office party a much more meaningful event, rather than a random one-off affair, that is consistent with who you are as a company. 

Office parties allow for personal connections between colleagues, as well as time for everyone to come together and celebrate their success, but at the end of the day, spending quality time with coworkers and employees is the most important thing, so remember to have fun and enjoy your office celebration.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to throw an office party or corporate event that your employees will love.

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