How to Have An Affordable & Fun Company Christmas Party

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The holidays are coming, and you should have a memorable company Christmas party to show your employees how much you appreciate them and the work they do. It is a chance for everyone to sit back, relax, take a break from the snow + ice and discuss the previous year. 

It allows you to not only thank your valuable staff for a job well done, but also raise everyone's morale about the upcoming business goals for the upcoming year

Party Planning 

Start planning your company party in advance to get employee input. Send a company email with a poll or survey for staff to fill out, or place a simple suggestion box in the office for people to write down ideas as they think of them. Hold a pre-planning meeting, complete with a festive taste of things to come. 

For example, provide decorated sugar cookies in the Christmas shapes and cold eggnog or other themed treats at the meeting. Encourage your team to share what they want to see at the celebration. The more personal ideas you can work into your party plan, the more your employees will feel included and valued


It is easy to get caught up in Christmas or holiday menu planning for a business function. First decide if this is going to be a dinner party, or just an appetizer and dessert party. What do you want to offer attendees? Take into consideration the time and day of your event. For example, a Saturday afternoon party can be great for a luncheon, while a Friday night might be more geared towards finger foods and sweets. Options include catering in food from a local restaurant voted on by your employees, or having a potluck celebration for everyone to share their family favorite holiday dishes. 

You could also get in touch with a company such as InHouse Manager catering software to create the perfect menu and meal for all your employees. No matter what way you decide to go, take into consideration any food allergies your employees or their family members may have. Offer a variety of beverages, whether or not you include alcohol in the equation. Fun punches and festive drinks offer a merrier atmosphere. 


Decorations do not have to be elaborate to create the right seasonal ambiance. Create an elegant gathering with crystal place settings, red and green cloth napkins and coordinating candles. Offer a winter wonderland setting with sparkling hanging snowflakes and simple white accessories. Create a nostalgic childhood feel with red and green streamers, colorful lights, and a stocking hanging on a decorative mantle for each employee. Don't forget to include Santa, his reindeer, and his elves for the children attending the party


A simple holiday album playing on the PA system or a stereo is a simple way to add music to your company Christmas party plans. Have a DJ to take special requests, or a karaoke system set up for guests to share their favorite festive tunes. Order an affordable and high quality Santa suit for an employee and have him hand out gifts to any children or the other employees’ Christmas bonus envelopes. 


Offer hands-on entertainment to get your employees socializing even more. Set up a Secret Santa beforehand in the office where everyone draws names and secretly gives gifts to each other. A variation of this is “Dirty Santa,” where everyone brings one Christmas gift to give away. The basic game is played by everyone going in a certain order to choose a present from the pile and the following players can grab another present or steal a gift from another player. This is repeated until everyone has a gift. 

Tweak classic party games to fit the holiday theme, such as pin the tail on the reindeer, bobbing for Christmas oranges, or musical chairs with gift envelopes taped underneath holding gift cards or coupons to local establishments. End the night with door prizes for anyone who didn't win a prize to keep morale high. 

Have A Holly, Jolly, Affordable Christmas Party

The time you take to plan a fun time where families can meet, converse, and socialize, will be paid back twofold in the coming year. You'll be surprised how having a memorable Christmas party raises your team's productivity and enthusiasm when everyone comes back to work after the holidays are over. And your holiday Christmas party doesn't have to break the bank either! 

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I hope you enjoyed this post about how to have a great affordable company Christmas or holiday party for your valuable employees.

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