Benefits Of An On-Site Ice Vending Machine

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Whatever business you run, there is a good chance that an ice vending machine could be a way to passively generate income, increase brand recognition, and improve your position in every way. Here are some of the benefits of getting the right machine and putting it in the right place. 

Boost Foot Traffic 

You want people to come to your place of business. An ice vending machine will draw people to your site who might otherwise have passed you by. People love the convenience of ice vending machines because they can get what they need quickly without having to go inside a store and find someone to unlock a traditional ice bin. 

Once you get people used to stopping by your place of business, even if they initially come just for ice, you are putting your brand in their mind and ensuring they notice your location. The next time they need whatever service or product you primarily offer, they are more likely to come to you. 

Generate Constant Revenue 

An ice vending machine is making money for you at all times of the day and night. While there is some basic maintenance and cleaning involved with ice vending, these can all be done during normal working hours or arranged through the machine’s manufacturer. 

Meanwhile, people are stopping by your vending machine day and night, rain or shine, at all seasons of the year. When people realize they forgot ice for their child’s birthday bash, they will come to you. When a late night party starts to run low on ice, people will know they can get ice from you no matter what time it is. 

No Lost Inventory 

If you already have an ice bin or sell bagged ice, you are losing money in spoilage, waste, and theft all the time. Even locked bins can be vandalized, and locked bins require someone to unlock them whenever a customer wants to buy. Leave it unlocked, however, and you’ll likely lose even more. 

Even more costly is the waste when a bag gets ripped or ice is simply too old to be sold any longer. If you have an ice bin, the ice at the bottom routinely has to be thrown out. You also have costly cleanliness issues to deal with as people put hands and containers into the machine. 

Save Time And Effort 

With an ice vending machine, not only do you never have to worry about tasking someone to unlock a container whenever there is demand, but no one even needs to be there at all when you sell ice. 

You also save time and effort in ordering and monitoring inventory. There is no need to order ice, no need to keep track of how many bags you are selling and what might be getting lost, and no need to work out inventory adjustments from month to month. 

Get A Leg Up On The Competition 

Health and cleanliness are more of an issue in consumables than at any time in history. People increasingly look for organic, filtered, clean foods and drinks, and demand the highest quality for themselves and their families. 

Ice vending machines come with replaceable filters that guarantee the ice being dispensed is always high quality. Make your business the place in the neighborhood where people can get crystal clear, clean ice, and you will get a leg up on all the competition around you. 

Enhance Loyalty Programs 

Another great benefit of an ice vending machine is the freedom it gives you to bundle ice vending with a loyalty card or program to spur buying. Many ice vending machines allow you to generate coupons that you can give to customers when they spend a certain amount. 

You can also use the ice vending machine to sweeten the deal on more expensive programs or packages your business offers. This not only makes it more likely customers will choose a more expensive package, but also draws attention to both your services and the ice machine.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the many business benefits of on-site ice vending machines for your food or restaurant company.

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