What To Do If A Job Is Stressing You Out

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It’s not about that one awkward meeting where you received negative feedback or that one client who decided to drop you as their supplier – it’s the sum of all those little and major moments of emotional and mental strain you experience on a regular basis we normally call chronic stress. That’s the beast that wreaks havoc on your heart, increases the risk of diseases, and ultimately destroys the love you should have for your job. 

Studies keep showing that an overwhelming workload is a major cause of stress, accounting for 46% of all responses in these studies. Closely followed by people issues (taking up 26% of this unhappy pie), it seems that work in general is the primary cause of stress in our lives. The competitive environment, unfair bosses, low wages, you name it, the office has it all. 

However, there’s still so much you can do to mitigate the effects of stress, lower its overall impact on your life, and prevent some of the common triggers from getting under your skin, so to speak. While we’re still a long way away from becoming impervious to stress in its entirety – let’s do the best we can to enjoy our careers! 

Do A Stress Detox – With A Workout 

Stress is all about chemistry. When you’re under too much pressure at work, your mind and body are releasing too much cortisol, the infamous stress hormone, which leads to an entire avalanche of negative reactions in your system. Exercise serves as the perfect cortisol antidote since regular workouts help your body produce dopamine, serotonin, endorphin and oxytocin, all considered happy hormones in one way or another. 

Infuse your weekly schedule with regular workouts, and your body and mind will benefit profoundly from this single habit. 

Herbal Help To The Rescue 

There are herbal options to help reduce stress and promote relaxation naturally as well. Kava is one of those top herbs to help boost mood and eliminate anxiety. Here is how much they cost for those seeking natural stress relief. 

For the lucky folk that reside in countries where it is legal, cannabis has a great potential for relieving stress in its many forms, and the now well-regulated cultivation processes ensure top quality and a range of different flavors for your preference. When consumed in moderation, the flavorful marijuana flower has the potential to soothe your mind by providing you a calming ritual with the help of this potent herb. 

Known for its potential to reduce aches and pains, marijuana is widely used among athletes, people with a range of medical conditions, and now thanks to its legalization in many countries, it has become a popular choice for anyone looking some natural stress relief. 

Ditch Multitasking 

For the longest time, people have boasted multitasking as a quality that should be encouraged, and so many have fallen into this black hole of managing several responsibilities at once. Unaware that this actually reduces our productivity and causes stress, we have continued to push this practice for too long. 

Now, with about 80% of the American population feeling stressed at work, it’s high time we went back to the far more efficient of work – one task at a time. 

Set Up Your Routine 

If your life revolves around work, it’s possible that you’ve neglected some vital habits that would boost your wellbeing without actually hindering your productivity. For example, if you let yourself start your morning not by instantly checking your email, but by making yourself a cup of tea and doing some stretching exercises, you’ll give your mind and body a chance to kick-start your day without an instant dose of stress. 

This is just an example. You can, of course, set up your own routine of little steps that will ensure you have your own pace and process. Make a schedule for each work task as well so that you don’t waste unnecessary time, and strive to stick to your schedule. That means, if the hours end at five, spend the rest of the day work-free in every sense of the term. 

Add Serenity To Your Workspace 

Whether you work from home or in an office, you have the freedom to add at least a bit of your own personality to the d├ęcor. You needn’t go out of your way to achieve the desired effect, on the contrary, a little will go a long way in delivering the desired de-stressing effects. As an example: add scents to your work station, but those that are known to boost productivity and reduce stress, such as lemon and lavender. 

A few drops can be more than enough to help your mind get that much needed Zen-boost during work when there’s no way to escape the tension. 

Take A Break – A Real Break 

Too many modern workers spend their lunch breaks talking shop, responding to emails, or setting up client calls. We’ve relinquished even the most basic of our needs for the sake of what we perceive at that moment as greater efficiency. Make a solemn promise to yourself to actually, really, truly take that lunch break – sans the talk of business or any thoughts of work. 

Instead, introduce some relaxing techniques such as mindful meditation, take your lunch to the park or listen to some music. Whatever helps you calm those jitters, use it to defuse the pent-up tension and negativity for a stress-free workday. 

Life will always find a way to bring forth new challenges, and your professional field will be no different. However, you can always use these techniques to reduce the effects of stress and eliminate certain triggers, and help yourself become more resilient to stress in the future – your career will thank you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about what to do when your job is seriously stressing you out and you need a way to reduce stress.

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