How Doctors Can Reduce Stress Levels At Work

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If you work in the health industry, chances are you have concerns over how to cater for all your patients when your practice is so overcrowded and you barely have time to take a break in between the high numbers of patients you see everyday. 

News published this year claimed that 1 in 7 GPs in the UK are turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with the high levels of stress they encounter at work. Luckily, there is still hope and the measures below will help you ensure you have things more under control. 

Hire The Services Of Another Company 

Just like it happens in many other industries, it is wise to turn to other companies for help if you think these could do a good job in screening your patients initially. If seeing customers is what takes up most of your time and you need a little help with managing your busy diary, look no further and contract the services of a company that will help you look after patient care. 

Keep An Organized Diary 

At medicine school you used to be the most organised student around, but these days, having been at the job long and with little time to do anything other than see your patients, you feel like you are no longer as tidy, productive, and organized as you used to be. 

Whilst coping with pressure is one aspect of working in the health industry, being organised is another. It is highly recommended that you have a sound working system in place so that all records are clear and you can refer back to them easily. This article on how to keep good clinical records might help you with your tidying process. 

Take Several Five-Minute Breaks Throughout The Day 

Whilst you feel there might be little or no time to pause throughout the working day, please know that your brief breaks are beneficial also to your patients. Nobody can work optimally if they don’t rest from time to time and pausing for a short while every two to three hours is recommended in the workplace. Invest in a watch that will be visible enough for you to see the time whenever you look in its direction and take breaks regularly! 

Also make sure to get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated. Sleeping the required amount and drinking enough water help with concentration levels. They also help with reducing stress. If you want to have a more relaxed working day and feel there are only a few breaks you can take due to the high number of patients in your waiting list, then make sure you get enough hours of sleep everyday and that you stay hydrated at work. This will help you stay focused and keep your stress levels down. Make sure to work smarter not harder!


The above will help you make sure you stay cool and focused in your workplace. If you would like to learn a few more relaxing tips, why not try meditation? This has been clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to reduce your stress levels at work in the healthcare industry.

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