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Have you ever wanted to work from home and thought that the tech industry was a perfect fit? There are tons of jobs in the tech world that you could do even if you have no formal education. One of the best parts of working in the tech industry is that you're likely to be able to learn everything online and even telecommute once you land a job. You can even sign up for Microsoft Azure training classes, digital marketing courses, and other programming seminars that can upgrade your tech job prospects instantly. 

So where do you want to start? What tech career would be best for you? Here is a quick guide to get you going. 

Pick A Focus 

Technical skills are always in demand in a freelance capacity. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to tech freelancers who know different programming languages, front end development, web design, APIs, email marketing, and so forth. Learning a tech focus will help you pick up contract work easily, and these small side projects could even lead to your own business. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about your new tech career: 

• Do you like the programming lifestyle? Sometimes there will be long hours and intense deadlines. 

• Are you willing to accept criticism from clients and even be forced to go back to square one if the design isn't right? If you have thick skin and a strong eye for design, becoming a graphic or web designer would be a great field to get into. 

• Do you enjoy data and analytics? Perhaps you could get into tech analyst or marketing analyst work. 

There are plenty of focuses, but it's really about your personality and what interests you. There's also more money and positions available for certain jobs. You can look into available Atlanta tech jobs and find which job will match your experience and skills.

What Are The Most Desirable Jobs In Tech? 

In 2018, a study found that DevOps and data science jobs were at the top of the list in terms of work style, salary, and demand. The expansion of domain is quite prevalent in the education industry as well. The usage of this technology by companies has prompted a lot of novice techies to undergo Devops Training in a reputed institute. Here is the full list of the best jobs in tech right now to help with your focus: 

• Data scientist 
 DevOps Engineer 
 Electrical Engineer 
 Mobile Developer 
 Product Manager 
 Front End Engineer 
 Site Reliability Engineer 
 Software Engineer 
 Hardware Engineer 
 QA Manager 

Some jobs that aren't listed here that you may also like include a digital marketing and design focus. These are great jobs for side projects, especially if you want to help businesses make more money and in turn, make money for yourself. 

Here are few digital marketing jobs that may also interest you: 

 Digital Marketing Manager 
 Web Designer 
 Graphic Designer 
 Email Marketing Specialist 
 PPC Analyst or PPC Manager 
 Social Media Manager 
• Demand Marketing Specialist

Where To Learn Online And Land A Tech Job 

There are different websites out there for each focus. When you pick a focus that involves development and programming, then you'll probably need to take multiple coding classes to learn about basic and advanced programming languages. You may want to specialist in Microsoft Azure, JavaScript, Python, or another language, and there are hundreds of courses out there to help you. For example just search for Microsoft Azure training classes

Other tech jobs in data science and marketing also have courses online, as well as e-books that you may want to pick up and start reading just to get the basics. Here is a full list of ways to get started: 

 Online courses at online coding schools 
 Online courses in digital marketing, design or data science 
 E-books for "dummies" about learning different programming languages, coding, web design or tech focuses 
 Online boot camp programs (mostly taught in 6 weeks) 
 Check out what people do in your chosen tech focus on freelance websites to get an idea of languages, certifications, portfolio work, and other features


The tech and digital marketing sectors have been heating up lately with no sign of cooling down. Now is the time to make a change and jumpstart your new tech career with online courses and resources.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to start a promising and profitable new tech career online with educational resources.

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